Why and how should China be considered the ‘father of the virus’ all over the world?

China has a population of 140 million. About 20 percent of the world’s population. China has about 50 per cent of the world’s livestock. The world’s largest mutton market is in Wuhan, China. Sugar is used in food by animals of more than 150 types and species. Many of these animals are cut and sold alive and eaten.
Apparently, the contact between humans and animals in China has the ability to rapidly transfer viruses to the human body. Second, China’s ‘air connectivity’ is very strong all over the world. After all these facts, should it be doubted that the virus spreading all over the world is probably from China.

To understand this whole thing, one has to go through the history of virus circulating in China and the world from time to time.

Human-animal interaction in China
According to the report and experts, meat meat and blood in meat market are in contact with human body. It is very common in China. This is the biggest reason for the spread of the virus. The virus spreads with a little error in hygiene, obviously where meat is consumed on such a large scale, there is little to no hygiene.

In some reports, a special fact about the virus is that about 60 percent of the viruses that have caught many countries are spread by animals. Most of these are infections from China.

Africa is the example
. Ebola infection came from Africa. The virus spread from Africa to the world. Ebola viruses came from chimpanzees into the human body. Actually, chimpanzee is eaten in Africa, due to which the virus reached the human body and then became an infection.

Monkey expensive and theft of dogs
Meat of lizards, snakes, dog meat, live octopus, mosquito eggs, monkeys, bats and donkeys, and many other animals and seafood have been part of the Chinese market and the Chinese plate. Here a particular type of monkey meat is very expensive and in big events is a matter of status, while the theft of meat of dogs is common here.

meat eating habit and China’s poverty, the world’s largest meat producer, made this country the world’s most inhumane country and the largest producer of meat. For this reason, the meat-serving restaurant is continuously increasing here. It is surprising to know that China’s meat market emits about 150 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Now Corona also from China, now Corona virus from Wuhan, China in the year 2020
Has been started, it has been spread by Wuhan’s meat market and the infection here, it has been proved. So far, its patients have appeared in about 19 countries. According to China’s official data, so far 5 thousand 974 people have been confirmed to be vulnerable. About 1 thousand 239 people are serious. While 132 patients have died. Its infections have been found in Tibet, America, Thailand, Germany, Pakistan and India.

  1. In 2002, SARS-like disease spread from China. Its virus was first found in Guangdong area of ​​southern China.
  2. Bird flu also started in China. In 2013, China H 7 N 9 spread avian Influaenja.
  3. In 2018, a patient suffering from H 7 N 4 virus was found from Jiangsu area of ​​China .
  4. H 5 N 6 bird flu parasites from Xinjiang province of China in 2019 .
  5. China’s meat market emits 150 million tons of carbon dioxide.
  6. So far, around 24,623,552 tonnes of meat have been consumed in the world in January 2020.
  7. At the same time, around 158,915,975,576 tonnes of water was spent for the production of such meat.
  8. In 2013, China H 7 N 9 spread avian Influaenja.
  9. In 2018, a patient suffering from H 7 N 4 virus was found from Jiangsu area of ​​China .
  10. H 5 N 6 bird flu parasites from Xinjiang province of China in 2019 .
  11. About 60 percent of the viruses spread in the world are spread by animals.
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