Who was General Qasim Sulemani and why did millions of people gather in his funeral?

Tall height. Blonde color. Dhaval Beard and a little intelligence on his face. This is a thick picture of a man who is at the center of the world’s biggest news. There are many people in the world of such hulia , but the crowd gathered in this man’s funeral in Iraq is not contained in the TV screen. To see the scene of this funeral, the camera rounds in many places, then it is believed that the whole of Iran has joined this funeral.

General Qasim Sulemani is the man whose death threatens the war on the world , and with the influx of Sulaimani’s body in Iran, it seems that Iran is in full swing of the war. Baghdad , the capital of Iraq recentlyGeneral Qasim Suleimani was killed in the US attack on. After this, the whole world is standing on the radar of war between America Iran.

You know who was General Qasim Sulemani and what is the secret of such a crowd in his last visit.

Sulemani, born on 11 March 1957, used to do construction work in Karaman, a city of about 8 lakh population during his youth. Later he became a contractor in the Karman Water Organization (Water Department) here. In his spare time, he used to do exercises in the local gym and do weight lifting.

By the year 1979, Sulaimani joined IRGC. IRGC i.e. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Attempted to kill Sulaimani for 20 years

Sulaimani worked immensely to increase Iran’s strength. He also increased the strength of Iran in the Middle East. Sulemani worked continuously with his intelligence agencies. As a result, it became a headache for America. Not only this, it was difficult for pro-American countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel to deal with Iran and all of this was a marvel of Sulaimani’s policies. This led to attempts to kill him several times, for about 20 years, intelligence agencies in the West, Israel and Arab countries pursued him to kill him. But every time he used to escape.

Iran’s people caught pulse

General Qasim Sulemani knew that the people of Iran do not like America at all. He held the same pulse of the people of Iran. He himself was an old enemy of America. So he always made policies against America. To save Baghdad from the terror of the Islamic State, an Iran-backed force was formed under his leadership. Its name was Popular Mobilization Force. When Iran and Iraq fought in 1980, Sulaimani also played an important role in this. In this war, America supported Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein.

A report said that a person whom most Iranians did not even recognize on the streets until a few years ago, has now become the subject of documentaries, news reports and pop songs. In fact, Sulaimani began to be seen as a national hero in Iran.

Kurdish fighters and Shias united

Sulemani united Kurdish fighters and Shia militias to counter terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is also said that Sulemani had also given his support to Hizbullah, a terrorist organization operating in Palestine, Hamas. In such a situation, his death is a big loss for Iran, the Iranians saw him as a big-faced enemy against America and also emotionally associated with him.

After Suleimani’s death, there is no other face, which the public sees as America’s enemy. Therefore, the popularity of General Qasim Sulemani can be gauged by seeing the crowd of millions in his funeral.


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