America-Iran war: America is waiting for fear or 40 years old revenge

It was a matter of 4 November 1979. There is an attack on the US embassy in Iran and about 66 people are taken hostage. Some of these people are later released, but 52 people are held hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran, with 52 people in captivity for 444 days. Nearly a year and a half later, on 20 January 1981, the day elections are held in the US. The hostages are released after the crowning of the new US President Ronald Reagan . The incident was carried out by the Iranian Students’ Organization. The incident is followed by the statement of US President Jimmy Carter . He says, ‘This is highly condemnable, because of the terror and blackmail, this incident was carried out’

The result of this incident is revealed in the next US elections. Jimmy slips power from Carter’s hand. With this defeat of Jimmy, the message goes across America that America has become so weak that it cannot even protect its people.

Actually, the entire incident between the US and Iran is seen as a script. In 2012, American director Ben Affleck has also made an award-winning film called ‘Argo’ on this entire development. The 120-minute thriller film starred Ben Affleck as well as Alan Erkin and John Goodman.

In the 70s, the US was very intrusive in Iran, the Iranians were opposed to it and the people there wanted to somehow end the US intervention in Iran and also be weak. There was a period of revolution in Iran about this. After this incident, where Jimmy Carter lost power, America also realized that he had become weak somewhere. It is said that even after 40 years, America is waiting to avenge that incident from Iran. During his tenure, US President George Bush also gave vent to the enemies of America and Iran. Now President Donald Trump is at the center of this scene.

What was the history of rift
The revolution started in Iran in the year 1979, Darsal. Iran was in the midst of the coup of Sultan Reza Shah Pahlavi, because Iran did not like the intervention of the US and in 1953, with the help of the US, Shah gained the power of Iran. Shah greatly encouraged American civilization in Iran and persecuted Iran in many ways. Due to his activities, many religious gurus in Iran turned against Shah.

1979 was the year that changed the history of Iran. Due to the revolution that started in Iran, Shah took refuge in America. Islamic Republic law was enacted in Iran. In such a situation, the religious teacher Ayatollah Ruholiyah Khomeini got support from all over Iran, many religious organizations and fundamentalist students. Iran wanted Sultan Shah to return from America, but the US refused, leading to further controversy.

America has not revolted since then. But in the last war, George Bush had seen American forces standing up against Iraq. Now, nearly 40 years later, American President Donald Trump has drawn a new picture of war.

Then, face-to-face, the US and Iran
attacked the international airport in Baghdad last Friday. The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the architect of its regional security system, Qasim Sulemani, were killed in the attack. Iran sees it as murder. These airstrikes were carried out on the orders of US President Donald Trump. Trump said that this action was carried out to prevent possible attacks by Iran that could possibly be carried out in the future. After which Iran warned the US to face dire consequences in strict tone.

Now Trump has made three tweets in response, saying that if any American citizen and property is attacked by Iran, 52 very special places of Iran will be attacked on their behalf.

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