Why won’t Minecraft let me play multiplayer?

Minecraft has been one of the best titles in the sandbox genre for a long time. This like any other game gives your community the ability to connect to servers and play online. So with that in mind today the question will be resolved, why does Minecraft not let me play online or multiplayer?

Why won’t Minecraft let me Play Online or Multiplayer? – Minecraft Error Solution

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  1. Possible reasons why Minecraft won’t let me play online – Here is the answer
    1. Firewall blocked
    2. Network failures
    3. Outdated system
  2. ‘Minecraft won’t let me play online or multiplayer’ error solutions
    1. Add your friend back
    2. Enable multiplayer option
    3. Update Minecraft to the latest version
    4. Disable Windows Firewall
    5. Use a VPN
  3. Minecraft for PC
  4. Minecraft for mobile
  5. Minecraft for Xbox

Possible reasons why Minecraft won’t let me play online – Here is the answer

The first thing you have to keep in mind to answer the question Why won’t Minecraft let me play online or multiplayer? , is that there can be many reasons that cause this problem, and it also depends on which version of Minecraft you are using (PC, Xbox or mobile). For this reason, it is that today an attempt will be made to explain a solution for each error in their respective versions, placing those that are most recommended in the official forums of the game community.

Firewall blocked

The reason why you cannot enter multiplayer in Minecraft may be the Firewall on your PC, which is configured to restrict other connections , in order to protect your information. To deactivate it, you just have to go to the start of your computer, look for the settings and enter Windows security. Once here you see the Firewall option and select deactivate. After this you can play without problems.

Network failures

If you do not have a stable connection, it is normal that you cannot enter the game servers or play with your friends. Make sure you have a good connection before trying, if your network provider is not that good, just close other windows that may consume bandwidth.

Outdated system

If you have a version of the Windows operating system on your computer that is too old , this is a great inconvenience both for playing online and for any other aspect of its development, due to the continuous updates within the platform. It is recommended to have a more or less recent version of Windows to fully enjoy the game.

‘Minecraft won’t let me play online or multiplayer’ error solutions

If you want to play in Minecraft with your friends, or simply enter a server to make the experience more fun , but when you try the platform simply bugs or never loads, do not worry, in this article we explain the reason for the failures and how to fix it in minutes.

Add your friend back

If what you want is to play with a friend in particular, but you don’t know how to invite him into your world. The first thing you should do is log in with your Microsoft account , then you must locate the ‘Nick name’ of your friend in the game, and then select and invite.

Enable multiplayer option

An important aspect that you should take into account is the multiplayer enabled in your account, if it is disabled you will not be able to access any server or invite friends. To activate this option you just have to go to your account settings, select ‘multiplayer’ and touch the button next to it.

Update Minecraft to the latest version

It is very important to keep an updated version of the game , since the platform adds details on the servers that are no longer readable in the older versions. Which may be the reason for the problem connecting.

Disable Windows Firewall

Go to the configuration of your computer, go to ‘Windows security’ and when you see ‘Firewall’ you only deactivate, the fact of having the Firewall blocked makes multiplayer connection difficult in some games, in order to protect your information.

Use a VPN

Many times some servers are not available in certain regions of the world, to be able to access them just download a VPN client on your phone or computer , select the region from where you want to connect and voila, you will be able to access the blocked servers in your country.

Minecraft for PC

In the case of the game version of Mojang for PC, it is very unlikely that you will get an error when you try to play multiplayer or with two people or more , however, it can also happen and it is for the following:

If you are a pirate player or your version is not Premium, you will not have access to the Premium servers that the game has, so if you are trying to enter there it is obvious that it will be impossible.

Being Premium and presenting the error, it is likely that the problem is hosted on the game or Mojang servers (this happens very often), so you just have to wait for them to fix it.

It may also be that the distance between your router, the switchboard and the server is too great, which causes you to have a very high PING and the response time of the server runs out before you can enter it.

To solve this you must either change your connection or consult the game company for solutions. And finally, in case none of the above applies to you, try updating the game to the new version along with the java, or deleting and uninstalling the game, since it may be a corrupt file.

Minecraft for mobile

If you are having problems with your version of the game for phone, it is most likely a problem with the Microsoft servers or Xbox Live, so you will not be able to solve it.

However, you can try changing your passcode on Minecraft.net. This solution is for when I cannot log into Minecraft but it can also be effective when playing online. Also try clearing the application cache, for this go to “Settings” within the mobile, then to “Application Manager”, look for the game and hit the “Clear cache” button.

Minecraft for Xbox

To finish answering the question, Why doesn’t Minecraft let me play online or multiplayer? , we must now talk about the console version. If your problem is in Xbox, you should know that it can be a problem in the servers as well as in the others, in this case of Xbox Live (however, instead of standing idly by, you should look for how to log in to Xbox Live if I can not enter? ).

But, if what appears to you is that the error is due to the privacy settings of your account (which is the most common). Then do the following:

Go to xbox.com on the PC and log in, when you’re inside select your gamertag, then press the “More options” button and then “Xbox Settings.” Choose the section “Online security and privacy”, within this choose the options “Xbox one / Windows 10 online security” or ” Privacy “.

There change and update the configuration enabling everything and then click on ” Save “. This should solve the problem. You can also edit your date of birth and change it to an adult if you are a child (it can only be done from the tutor account).

With that last thing, the question Why doesn’t Minecraft let me play online or multiplayer ?, has been answered. In case it is not solved, call the Xbox support number that appears on this page (that is the most recommended in all forums).


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