Why won’t Facebook Pay let me make payments

The new method Implemented by Facebook allows you to have access to different resources to improve your business. So you can make purchases and sales and trade from the same network without having to use external payment methods.

This works to cancel the purchase of products and services , execute donations and send money to acquaintances. If you have a Facebook account , this is a great help for the flow of business. This article will explain the possible errors that lead to a limitation in payments. We’ll also take a look at their workable solutions, as the case may be.

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  1. Reasons for an error when paying with Facebook Pay
    1. I don’t have internet or the servers are down
    2. Problem with my payment method
    3. Facebook Pay has not yet arrived in my country
  2. How to contact Facebook Pay support if the problem continues?

Reasons for an error when paying with Facebook Pay

When a new tool like this is released to the public,  it does so after running a lot of test runs.  That is, most of the possible problems can already be easily identified. So in this way not to conduct a thorough investigation for an operation error.

As a result, the most frequent or common reasons that affect the transaction are obtained, and to investigate first with these because they would be the most feasible to get the exit.

As for the inconveniences that arise, there are several and some of the most common causes provide the solution. No internet access, a server that is down , your chosen payment method has limitations, and Facebook Pay may not be working in your current location. You must take all this into account if you undertake the task of  creating a business on Facebook . Let’s look at each of these in detail.

I don’t have internet or the servers are down

When it comes to online business, payment methods must be safe , avoid making transactions with entities that do not give you confidence. One reason is that the entity presents connection failures between the financial parties, which cancels the operation. If the server has failures , it affects the entire operation in the same way, for security reasons it is canceled.

The best thing to do if these failures occur in your case is to wait a bit. These problems are usually remedied quite quickly, with respect to servers there are people who are in charge of supervising this and in general it takes little time to solve it.

If the problem is the internet, contact the provider that provides the service and they will give you an answer. As soon as it flows normally, you have to try again and see if everything is in order.

Problem with my payment method

Another drawback is that the payment method you are using is the one that presents the hassle. This is due to different factors, the client for his part must check and discard the solutions that can be applied. There are several possible reasons, below is a list that is very helpful in determining what is happening.

  • One of the reasons would be that the account assigned to the debit card does not have enough balance to make the purchase. It happens that in the network, payments are automatically collected on specific dates, so you have to be aware of the dates of the invoices.
  • There is the possibility that an error in the data provided for the association of the bank account is not correct. Check that everything is in order, because something that is overlooked will be enough to cancel the process.
  • When the credit card reaches its credit limit and there are not enough funds, you cannot pay. Placing yourself in contact with the bank is a good option to solve.
  • The verification of the cards is a common cause, this is due to the expiration of these. If they are expired, you will not be able to carry out any operation, verifying the dates and data before paying is of great help. But if everything is in order with the card, it is better to contact the bank.

Facebook Pay has not yet arrived in my country

It is a great idea, without a doubt, with the streamlining of payments there are no excuses. This is useful to many in different ways , however, it is not available in all countries where there are Facebook users.

It is an idea that is gaining momentum and gaining acceptance in the localities where it is implemented. For its part, the social network is innovative and every day it faces the challenges that arise.

There are at least 50 countries using this Facebook Pay method which is also related to WhatsApp and Instagram. Chances are, this will soon be mainstream for Facebook users, anywhere in the world.

It only remains to wait for the options available and be able to trade with anyone. As for the type of limitation, it directly affects whether or not a payment can be made through this means.

How to contact Facebook Pay support if the problem continues?

Before contacting technical support, you must first have checked all the causes that were presented to you. And so you can rule out the possible reasons, the collection of information is important because it determines if you need to contact support .

In any case, when you use this and a problem arises, you can access the help service on Facebook from your account. In the ‘Policies and reports’ section you will find ‘Report a problem with Facebook’ after sending it, support will contact you.


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