Why won’t Facebook let me post

Discover the reasons why Facebook does not let you publish content.

Facebook leads the ranking of social platforms despite the success of others such as TikTok or Twitter. Publishing content is the main basis of this application, but sometimes it does not allow it to do so. If it has happened to you, you will ask yourself, why doesn’t Facebook let me publish? We tell you the causes.

If there is a leading platform when it comes to social networks, it is Facebook. It currently has more than 2,600 million active users and reaches more than 60% of Internet users. With these impressive figures, Facebook is also an advertising showcase. In the first quarter of 2021, it generated $ 17.44 billion in promotional revenue.

For any user, entering Facebook is useful to see the publications of the contacts and also to make yours easily and quickly. Sometimes the platform does not allow you to create that content . If you’ve ever seen yourself in this situation, you’ve probably wondered why Facebook won’t let me post? We give you the answer.

My content doesn’t appear, why won’t Facebook let me post? The answer may be because the content you have recently published has been reported by another user. If Facebook finds that the comments you have posted are inappropriate, it will temporarily not allow you to post content. Likewise, if you send many friend requests, Facebook can also block you and not let you or publish or even use your account. It is an action to control spam.


You already know the answer to the question why Facebook won’t let me publish, but if what happens to you is that you can’t publish on Facebook from your mobile, look at some of the causes that can give an answer to what is happening.

If Facebook does not let you publish from your mobile or you see that the content does not load, it may be because you do not have enough internet connection. If you are in a place with little coverage Facebook will not be able to load the publication.


Another thing that can happen is that you can publish on your wall without problem, but not in groups, that is, Facebook does not let me publish in groups. Find out why below.

If you can’t post or comment on a group, that group’s administrator may have temporarily disabled your ability to perform those actions. Also, you may have been muted or limited the times you can post or comment.


In the event that the problem comes from the images, you will ask yourself: Why don’t you let me post photos on Facebook? We explain what may be happening.

If Facebook does not let you publish photos it may be simply because of the connection, because if the photo is of high quality it takes time to load and you need to have Wifi to do it. Also, if you received an alert saying you shouldn’t post offensive content, the company may have temporarily blocked your photo posting feature.


If the problem comes when it comes to sharing content from other accounts or from your own friends, find out why you can’t share on Facebook.

In most cases, when you cannot share a Facebook post, it is due to the limitations set by the owner of the information you want to share. You may not want your uploads to be shared and therefore have the sharing option disabled.


Users both like the option of sharing content and commenting on any publication because they want to leave a review about what is shown both positively and negatively. But what if Facebook won’t let me comment? We explain the cause.

Very similar is what happens with sharing is what Facebook does with comments. If Facebook does not let me comment on a post, it may be because the author of that content has disabled the option for users to comment.


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