Why won’t Gmail let me send emails

Gmail is one of the most popular email services. Since it was launched by Google in 2004 it has not stopped growing in number of users. Much of its success is due to its simplicity of use and compatibility with all types of devices thanks to web access. However, it also sometimes has bugs and glitches. Why won’t Gmail let me send emails? In this article we answer this question and offer you some solutions.

Mainly, when Gmail fails to send, there are two reasons. First of all, there may be a fault with your device or your computer . You may not be connected to the Internet in the correct way or you may not have coverage. It’s also not uncommon for Gmail to stop working because you’ve turned on airplane mode. Second, email problems could be caused by Google’s servers crashing . In that case, it does not matter that your Internet connection is working normally. You will not be able to access your email in any way. In these situations, what solutions do you have at your fingertips?


There are some solutions to avoid errors in Gmail. In the following list you will find the most practical suggestions to avoid errors in Google mail.

  • Check that your mobile is connected to the Internet. This check is done in a number of ways. First, check that the Wi-Fi and the mobile data network are active from the phone’s settings. Similarly, access any website in the browser to verify that you have Internet access.
  • Verify that other applications work. Try to use other platforms, like Instagram or Twitter. If they work, the problem is probably with Gmail.
  • Clear the app cache. If you think the error originates from Google mail, clear the app’s cache to rule out possible internal glitches.
  • Use Gmail from the browser. If the application still does not work, open Gmail in the browser and try to send or read your emails.
  • Check the status of the service. If you have not been successful, the Gmail service is probably down. In that case, use the Downdetector platform to check if other users are experiencing the same problem.


On the other hand, Gmail may not be sending emails that have a file attached. What is the most common cause? Obviously, the above reasons will also affect in this case. But, if you have already verified that your connection works and that the servers have not been down, it is possible that the attached file itself is to blame.

Google has set a maximum size for sending attachments using Gmail. This stands at 20 MB for Gmail accounts and 25 MB for accounts from another provider . Therefore, if you have added one or more files of that size, you will have to find another method to send them. For example, you can upload them to Google Drive and share them via link.

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