Why the smartphone does not charge

The phone is at zero. At least load, at least do not load, to no avail. We analyze what can cause such a failure and how to fix it.

Reasons for not charging the smartphone battery

The most popular is the charging problem. This is especially true for those users who replenish the phone battery via a wire.

The cable could fray, even if it looks still working from the outside. Also, the mobile phone may not charge due to the following problems:

  1. Troubles with the power supply unit 
    If the phone is charged via the USB port and other power supply units, then the problem is in the “plug”. Replace it with another one.
    2. Problems with the socket The
    contacts have shorted somewhere and the socket is not supplying current.
    3. Defective device battery
    Perhaps the mobile phonebattery has outlived its life and needs to be replaced with a new one.
    4. Clogged charging socket
    Working in dusty conditions has its drawbacks. One of these – in the technique, dust and dirt is clogged in the cracks.
    5. Problems with the firmware
    It is possible that a new application or updated firmware has a “critical bug” that prevents the smartphone from charging. The solution is to “roll back” the phone to the point where everything was fine.
    6. Viruses inside the phone 
    Some “pests” steal data while others prevent the smartphone from working normally. Some viruses do not provide an opportunity to “charge” correctly.
    7. Problems with wireless charging
    Sometimes a case interferes with the correct charging or the station does not recognize the mobile phone. The solution is to “strip” the phone, take it off the station for a minute and put it back.

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Smartphone does not see the charger

A complex problem is the lack of contact between the mobile phone and the charging unit. There can be many reasons for this, the most popular are four.

  • Dust and dirt

Contacts cannot close due to the fact that the dust has blocked their way.

  • Contacts oxidized

Clean them with alcohol. But this must be done extremely carefully and it is better for a professional to carry out this procedure.

  • Broken power adapter

It is checked by connecting another cord to it. Even if the charge does not go with a new cable, the problem is with “charging”.

  • The integrity of the USB cable is broken

Checked by working with another power supply.

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The indicator shows the charging process, but the phone is not charging

According to the indicator, it seems like charging is in progress, but after turning it off – as if it did not exist (zero percent of the charge remains). Most often this happens due to a software failure. The problem can be solved only by reinstalling the OS (demolishing the device to factory settings).

This is done as follows.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find the section “About the system”.
  3. Go to the “Security” tab.
  4. Go to “Reset”.
  5. Select “Reset to factory settings”.

Another reason why “the charge is worth”, although the display shows the opposite – a breakdown of the battery. She has outlived her and cannot absorb energy. In this case, you need to replace the battery and the device will be “as good as new” again.

The rarest case is hardware failures. If the phone shows charging, but in fact it is not, the controller inside the motherboard of the device may have broken. And in this case, only complete diagnostics and replacement of the “system” will help.

Better to go to certified centers. Repair in stalls or “in the subway” can only aggravate the condition of the phone so much that it only remains to throw it away.

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Firmware problems

Failures in software occur in any technique – both in a budget smartphone on Android , and in well-thought-out devices on iOS . No one is immune from such a “human factor”. But the situation is also solved simply – by returning to factory settings (in Androids) or by starting the “recovery mode” on iOS.

Sometimes it happens that the phone is charged only when it is turned off. Here, most of all, it is a software malfunction. There are 3 solutions to the problem: medium, radical, and ultra-radical.

The way to solve the problem What to do
Average difficulty Reset some of the settings
Radical Perform a factory reset. Before that, you need to download important data “to the cloud”, since during “demolition” the phone will reset to its original state
Ultra-radical Reflash your phone at a service center. Now it is rarely used: usually specialized flashing is needed for those who have previously used unofficial versions of mobile phone firmware


A rare but insidious problem is a virus that has entered the system and does not allow the mobile phone to be charged. In addition, an ultra-fast discharge of the phone signals that a virus has entered. If he “out of the blue” began to sit down 2-3 times faster, viruses are often involved.

The solution algorithm is as follows.

  1. Remove everything that could have introduced “infection” into the system.
  2. Remove suspicious applications by unlinking them from your account.
  3. Carry out a full scan with an antivirus.

If this does not help, you need to demolish the mobile phone to the factory settings. And no longer load those applications and files that could lead to infection.

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What not to do if the smartphone battery is not charged

The points above describe what to do with a mobile phone in order to fix it yourself. Take it into service and use it. But not everything is gold that glitters.

Below are 3 things that should not be done with a dead cell phone.

  • Try to shake the nest 

It is not for nothing that it is thoughtfully of a certain size. If you try to make it larger, only the contacts on the motherboard are loosened, and in the end you will have to pay money for repairs.

  • Pour alcohol (and generally liquid) or clean with cotton swabs

Even if the contacts are oxidized, direct contact with a “glass of vodka” will not help them. The alcohol will only seep through the micropores and enter the phone. Cotton wool can also flake off and get into your mobile phone.

  • Stick a needle or hairpin (especially when the phone is on)

This action can burn contacts in an instant. Then you will definitely have to carry it to the service.

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How to clean the charging socket on your smartphone yourself

If everything is in order with the cord, the unit (such as the Belkin USB Micro Charger ) and the software, the problem may lie in the “dirty” socket for the mobile phone. If it is carried in a pocket with crumbs and debris, the mobile phone could become clogged with dust. In turn, the contacts became weaker due to which the circuit “does not close”.

Gamers from the 90s came up with a solution to this troubleshooter: it is worth carefully blowing the hole. Yes, exactly the same as it happened with cartridges for Sega and Dandy. You can also use the hair dryer in the “cold” mode: but it must be kept quite far away so that the “artificial wind” does not only make it worse.

In most cases, this is enough. If this does not help, you should take an old toothbrush with long bristles and gently run it from side to side. Then she will “sweep” the remnants of the dirt that is stuck on the contacts. Or a wooden toothpick. The main thing is not metal, otherwise it will scratch everything that is needed and not needed.

Not always “end of charging” means certain death of the phone. Sometimes this is just a software glitch that you can repair yourself. Considering how constantly bending and hitting the charging floor with cables, the problem may be in them. It is also often sufficient to blow through the nest to blow out dust. In all other cases, it is better to contact the master. Otherwise it will only get worse.

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