iPhone does not charge over 80%: how to fix

Over the years, Apple has tried to optimize the batteries of its iPhones more and more, in order to guarantee both better performance and more rare wear. For this reason, thanks to software optimization and new functions, charging has also become smarter.

However, you may encounter problems while charging. One of the most common is the one that causes the charging to stop at 80%. Beyond this percentage, the recharge does not continue, thus frightening users. I immediately inform you that in the vast majority of cases this problem is easily solved by following a few simple steps.

To find out if this is the case for you and how to act accordingly, you just have to continue reading our guide, in which we explain how to solve the problem if the iPhone does not charge beyond 80 % .

4 tricks to increase iPhone battery life

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  1. Disable optimized upload
  2. Some tips

Disable optimized upload

To reduce battery wear, the iPhone learns from your daily charging habits and waits for the user to use it again to charge over 80%. The optimized loading , in fact, has been designed and introduced by IOS 13 to allow the battery to wear out as late as possible. Thanks to the artificial intelligence and our routine of using the smartphone, the latter will know when to complete the charge.

This explains why, in the vast majority of cases, the iPhone does not charge more than 80%. Our advice is not to disable this function, which helps the battery life. However, there may be a need to fully charge the iPhone at some point.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Scroll until you find the Battery item and press on it
  • Continue on Battery status
  • Disable the Optimized Upload feature

Some advices

As mentioned earlier, in the vast majority of cases, optimized loading is the cause of the 80% charge block. However, the charge is also blocked in other cases, such as that linked to the smartphone overheating . In fact, when the iPhone reaches a critical temperature it goes into protection, stopping the charge to avoid damaging the battery.

Below, therefore, you will find some tips to avoid overheating the iPhone and restore the battery charging correctly.

  1. Usually, when charging, the iPhone tends to overheat, especially with fast charging . For this reason, avoid placing your smartphone in direct sunlight or near other heat sources, such as heating systems, appliances, or other electronic devices that may emit heat.
  2. If you have a cover “bulky” or little breathable, it is preferable to remove it during charging, to avoid overheating and, therefore, a charging block.
  3. It is important to always use original Apple accessories or at least compatible (and therefore recognized by the company). In fact, many times the poor quality of some products ( charging cables or chargers ) is underestimated , which could wear out the battery and, in the most serious cases, create malfunctions.

How not to ruin the iPhone battery

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