How to set a timer to shutdown your Windows 10

The sleep and shutdown timer on Windows 10 is a great help to limit sticking in the monitor . If in systems older than Vista (released before the mid-2000s) the programmed switch was in sight, after Win7 this program was modestly hidden. We will show you how to turn on the timer on your PC in a few seconds. Read on!

Set a timer using Windows

This method is suitable for any Windows computer. Here, the shutdown system program is thought out in advance, which turns off the PC . But you can’t find it in the Start menu. You can call it through the “Run” window, namely:

  • press the combination Win + R;
  • register the command “shutdown -s -t N” (where N is the time before shutdown in seconds);
  • confirm your intentions by clicking “OK”.

Immediately after that, the screen will display information that the current session will be terminated after some time. For example, if there was a combination of “shutdown -s -t 300”, the PC will shutdown after 5 minutes.

When the allotted time comes, the computer will close all programs (save where possible) and turn it off. If you want to exit without saving, add the “-f” parameter to the command. As a result, the command will look like “shutdown -s -f -t 300”.

If at some point before shutting down, the user changes his mind, you can cancel the task like this:

  1. Go to the “Run” window.
  2. Run the shutdown command.
  3. Then you can go about your business – Windows has already canceled the timer.

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Through Windows Task Scheduler

Here, almost the same is done as in the paragraph above: a command is launched to turn off the PC. True, now you can set this process on a regular basis. It is done as follows.

  1. Win + R isclamped on the keyboard .
  2. The mscrequest is entered.
  3. The intention to open the “Task Scheduler” is confirmed by the Enter button.
  4. After entering the program, you need to go to the block on the right and click “Create a simple task”.
  5. Enter any name there, it can be “Sleep timer”, “shutdown”, etc.
  6. Drive in a trigger – tap on “One Time”.
  7. Write down the day, the time the task was triggered (in this case, the shutdown).
  8. Go to the Action menu.
  9. Confirm “Run the program”
  10. Type shutdown on the “Program or script” line, and -s on the “Arguments” line.
  11. Confirm your intentions.

Now the computer will shut down after a certain time of activity.

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Timer programs

Since the user can “call” the program, it means that other apps can do it as well. They are perfect for those looking for a “Do Well” button. In third-party applications, you do not need to calculate timing up to seconds and have a deep understanding of the system – their interface is intuitive.

SM Timer

Free timer to help users log out or turn off their computer. The following data is configured:

  • The shutdown type is a full shutdown or logout.
  • Exact time – you can prescribe that the PC will be cut off, for example, at 22.35.
  • Timer – the application will turn off the computer after a certain period of time.

Auto PowerOFF

Simple and intuitive program. The key task of the app is to disable other applications or the operating system by timer. The user configures the following.

  1. Shutdown timing.
  2. Schedule (on which days the timer works).
  3. The interval between shutdowns.

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A real “harvester” in the world of timers. Runs a bunch of useful commands. For ease of understanding, they are all collected in the table:

Characteristic Peculiarities
Automatic shutdown You can turn on the regular shutdown (after 2 hours), by time (at 22.00) or on schedule (on Tuesdays, turn off the PC at 21.00, and on Thursday turn off the  laptop  at 23.00)
Dependent application timer You can set a timer for the desired application. For example, if you do not want to delay watching a movie, you can set the player to turn off the timer
Selecting a task after a running action When the browser closes on a timer, the user can receive an audible or visual alert. Or enable another application instead
Autostart simultaneously with Windows The program can be turned on from the first seconds after turning on. It is enough to indicate in the settings the item “Turn on with the system” and set the required shutdown time – then the program will do everything by itself

Setting up the app is easy. To do this, do the following:

  1. Enable application
  2. In the menu “Timer” click the mouse “response time” or “Countdown.”
  3. Set the final action to “Turn off the computer” (for those who want to shut down) or “Go to sleep …” (to put the laptop into hibernation).

sleep timer

An application with a “telling” name was created for one purpose – forced shutdown. And this must be taken into account: if at the moment of shutdown something did not manage to be saved to the cloud, it has sunk into oblivion.

The application file itself is blocked by Windows Defender, but checks by other antiviruses say that everything is OK with it. So if you download, then only at your own risk.

The sleep and shutdown timer on Windows 10 is one of the most essential things that are needed for those who sit for a long time at the displays. Moreover, this can be done, both by the means of the system itself, and by downloaded utilities. The main thing is to think about the right time in advance.

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