Why Love is an illusion

Love is a feeling that, in a surprisingly short time, creates a very close relationship to another person, and, surprisingly, this same feeling is unusually prone to dangers. (H. Witte)

The love boat crashed into everyday life. (V. Mayakovsky)

“One who is inspired by love and guided by knowledge lives well” (B. Russell). “My days are darkened not by the fact that love is gone, but by the fact that it went away little by little” (W. Millay).

“Do not create an ideal for yourself, neither in the form of a heavenly angel, nor in the form of a hero and some kind of poem or novel, nor such as you dreamed or dreamed of. Love your husband as he is. Nature is your mistress, a very strict deity who punishes women for their girlish dreams up to the third or fourth generation, their feelings and hobbies ”(F. Schleiermacher).

“Short and fleeting romantic love is a mixture of emotional attachment and sexual desire, a compromise education that lasts only as long as the sexual desire does not find a way out. All this resembles a prelude to a marriage campaign, the ultimate goal of which is the realization of sexual desire. However, once the lovers have intercourse, romantic love disappears. Reality rudely invades the dreamland. Kids, mortgages, laundry, shopping, cooking, and after all, someone has to take out the trash! ” (Cats de Vries).

“… If you really want to meet a person with whom you are ready to share your Love, never create any images. It seems incredible, but otherwise you will never be able to see a real, living person in front of you. You will live in a world of illusions that sooner or later will dissipate, a series of personal tragedies will pass and you will again find yourself in the “search” for the same illusory “ideal man” or illusory “ideal woman”. Understand that no one person will ever match your fantasies. It is up to you to get to know a real, living person or live with illusions ”(A. Skrypnik).

Despite these warnings, men and women, falling in love, seem unaware that they have a body that requires food, latrines and more. “Urination, defecation, drinking alcohol, vomiting, loudly blowing your nose – all this is the privilege of men, who are treated as immodest liberty of behavior, but the same actions on the part of women would be regarded as disgusting vulgarity” (J.-C. Bologne) …

DIMINAZHENA: – Why do many of them arrange such a gas chamber under the covers for their wives ?! I have to get up and go somewhere and wait for it to be ventilated.

Yassa: – About socks, knocking down sheets, gases – all one to one. I want to note to you that my husband is not Russian, I live in Italy, so they are all the same, EVERYWHERE! ” (Speed ​​info).

“Let’s be honest (at least a little): men or women, we all have bad habits: someone likes to pick our nose, others bite their nails or crunch their fingers. However, women are better at controlling themselves when it comes to such not-so-beautiful things. They can afford to pick their noses from the bottom of their hearts (and we admit, this brings many people pleasure), but they usually show restraint and resort to such a lovely pastime for those minutes when they are at home behind closed doors and without spectators. And men seem to be blissfully unaware of the disgustingness of such activities, for which, by the way, in a less tolerant society, they would go to jail. Or they just don’t give a damn. The nasty habits of men are a favorite topic of discussion among women … “.

“The slob’s notions of personal hygiene are limited to pouring cheap aftershave all over himself in a pathetic attempt to drown out the smell of sweat and cheap cigarettes. He constantly coughs and splashes saliva without blocking his mouth. He also eats at his desk, making a noise that can only be heard at the zoo – it’s incredible how you can crunch soup, but he succeeds – and he sips his lukewarm tea like it’s liquid lava. His desk is reminiscent of the underworld: crumbs everywhere, half-eaten sandwiches under piles of coffee-drenched papers, and unidentifiable stains that you don’t even want to think about.

“Warning: The examples below can cause nausea, vomiting, and severe emotional trauma. You are reading this at your own risk.

Men consider the act of emitting gases something hilarious from the very moment when the first caveman turned to his comrades sitting around the fire and said: “Oh, Dave, grab my finger.” Fart, fart, let off gas, let the dove go, bang – call it what you want, but for men this is a favorite reason for laughing and talking, giving them great pleasure. This has been the case since the beginning of time and will remain so until the end of the world, when the whole earth will explode, turning into a methane fireball.

A man is just biologically so arranged, and no arguments will convince him that it is indecent to release gases anywhere and anytime. If you dare to complain about the stench, he looks at you with an annoyingly innocent expression on his face and declares, “Better on the outside than inside!”

“There is nothing natural or healthy about the nasty stench that a man seems to be willing to emit endlessly. And the point is not that the stronger sex prefers to treat natural physiological functions more simply, not at all. A man does this because he knows very well: we don’t like this. And it amuses him.

The louder the sound and the foul smell, the better, and embarrassing you in a public place is the ultimate dream. Their pitiful brains can think of nothing more ridiculous than to stink in the middle of the Sainsbury store on a noisy Sunday morning and quickly move away, leaving you standing with a flushed face and guilty faces, withstanding the disgust of others.

Men are very fond of discussing with each other everything related to farting, and even compete, who will get louder, funnier, smelly, etc. It turned into a form of communication between males, into their special language, like the language of dolphins ”(D. Foster).

Juliana Foster further describes bad habits no less colorfully: picking the nose, trimming nails, correcting the genitals, spitting, lying, laziness, snoring, tactlessness. The list of masculine “qualities” that infuriate women is entertaining, but let’s stop here. Obviously, dirty clothes, smelly socks, bad breath (and not only) they just tolerate.

But in the girl’s “solar anus” soon they also do not find anything sunny. Disappointment like graduates of male closed educational institutions, suddenly learning that girls also farts. “One day your man finds out that princesses do poop after all. And he learns this much earlier than the day when he was supposed to learn about it. You just didn’t calculate the strength of his sleep, and your own capabilities. The dream was not strong, and the possibilities, it turns out, are endless. And the fact that princesses poop was learned not only by your man, but also by the entire floor of his house ”(mirtesen.ru).

“Living under one roof in itself is a terrible thing, on which half of the marriages collapsed. Living closely together, people come too close to each other, see each other in too much detail, too wide open and imperceptibly pluck all the flowers of the wreath on the petal, surrounding the personality with poetry and grace ”(A. Herzen).

As a means of getting rid of extravagant love, the ancients recommended using the image of an object of love in a state of natural needs. “In order to instill aversion to what could arouse desire, they also remember that the reproductive organs and the organs of excrement are very close to each other” (J.-C. Bolon). Marriage relieves love in the same way, but in reality. In general, manipulations on the maintenance and maintenance of the body, being in sight, with the exception of some procedures, for example, hair combing, to put it mildly, do not fascinate.


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