Why is zinc important for men?

Despite the fact that the body needs it in small quantities, zinc is one of the essential elements necessary for health.

It is a particularly important element for men because it is used to treat sexual health problems including benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

In addition, zinc can calm various inflammatory processes, and in addition to skin health, it promotes eye health, strengthens immunity, accelerates wound healing, maintains nerve cell function and slows down the aging process.

These are just some of the reasons why zinc is important for men’s health:

Sperm count

One of the more important characteristics of zinc is the impact on sperm quality. Zinc is an integral part of sperm so a lack of zinc in the body can cause infertility. Sufficient zinc intake can significantly increase sperm count.

Prostate health

Low zinc levels in men can result in an increased risk of prostate cancer. Most prostate malignancies are caused precisely by low zinc levels. Zinc helps reduce prostate enlargement.


Zinc increases testosterone production which in turn helps boost male libido, motility and sperm count. Zinc deficiency, especially in old age, causes a drop in testosterone levels.

The body cannot produce zinc on its own, but needs to be ingested Solgar Zinc chelate contains zinc in the maximally absorbing form of chelate, which achieves high bioavailability. As such, it has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of macronutrients and carbohydrates and on normal protein synthesis.

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It also contributes to normal fertility and reproduction, as well as maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood. Its contribution is also significant in the protection of cells from oxidative stress, as well as in the normal function of the immune system. It is also important in maintaining normal hair, skin and nails.


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