How to watch Paco’s Men (2021) online

Ten years after the broadcast of the series finale, Antena 3 has decided to revive “Los Hombres de Paco” for a tenth season. Many of the original actors of the series are still there, with Paco Tous and Pepón Nieto at the helm, but also with Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva, one of the most beloved couples in Spanish fiction.

Another of the most notable appearances is the return of Mario Casas , who once again takes on the role of Aitor Carrasco, one of the first important jobs in the career of the versatile actor from La Coruña. Now Aitor is a policeman in the Libyan embassy, ​​but he will return for the eleventh episode of the season. What will your relationship with Sara ( Michelle Jenner ) be like now?

This is all very well, but how can we see this new season of “Los Hombres de Paco” online? Where do they emit it? Can it be enjoyed in streaming from any platform?

How to watch season 10 of “Los Hombres de Paco” online (2021)

The tenth season of Los Hombres de Paco consists of 16 episodes, divided into two parts of 8 chapters each. The season officially premiered on May 10, 2021 , and at the moment there are 3 ways to enjoy the series online from our mobile phone, PC or Smart TV.

  • ATRESplayer Premium: The full 10th season is now available with its 16 episodes through the Atresmedia streaming platform. The monthly subscription is priced at € 3.99, although the annual subscription is also available for € 39.99. | Enter ATRESplayer Premium
  • Antena 3:This September Antena 3 has begun to broadcast the new episodes of the season openly. Simply tune in to Antena 3 on Thursdays at 10:45 p.m. to enjoy a new episode. At the time of writing these lines, the chain has issued 3 chapters to date. Remember that you can watch Antena 3 broadcasts live and for free from ATRESplayer. | See Antena 3 live
  • HBO Spain:The new season of Los Hombres de Paco is also available on HBO Spain. Currently the platform is releasing a new chapter on Fridays, following the same broadcasting rhythm as on Antena 3, so there are currently 3 chapters available to its subscribers. The subscription in HBO Spain is priced at € 8.99 per month. | Enter HBO Spain

Curiosities and information of interest about “Los Hombres de Paco”

Did you know that season 10 of “Los Hombres de Paco” is the most watched Spanish fiction series in the last two years? If you still do not know the series, here are some interesting facts to open the bug.

  • Los Hombres de Paco is a dramatic, detective comedy developed by Daniel Écija and Álex Pina, also creators of other mythical Spanish series such as “Los Serrano” and “Periodistas”.
  • Due to the success of Season 10, it has already been confirmed that there will be a Season 11.
  • During its more than 100 episodes, the series has had a multitude of well-known actors such as Clara Lago, Amaia Salamanca, Juan Diego or Asier Etxeandia.
  • Los Hombres de Paco is broadcast in Spain, but it has also been enjoyed in other countries such as Morocco, Romania, Italy or Turkey, among others.
  • During its original broadcast between 2005 and 2010, the series reached records of over three million viewers and a screen share of around 20%.
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