Why is the Glovo App not working?

The Glovo App is an excellent option for those who need to place an order quickly. However, this App may have some drawbacks and, for this reason, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn  Why does the Glovo App not work? – Solution

Why isn’t the Glovo App Working? – Solution

What is the Glovo App?

Have you ever wondered what the Glovo App is ? The Glovo App is an application for mobile devices that emerged in Spain. This application focuses on the “Multidelivery on Demand” system and the collaborative economy business.

Once the App receives the customer’s order, it provides the tracking option and notifies that the order was picked up. Likewise, it shows through a map the icon of a bicycle approaching the destination. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

What is the Glovo App for?

If you are interested in knowing what Glovo distributes , with the Glovo App you get the answer since the application will allow you to buy medicines, food, flowers, send any product, make specific orders and other quick procedures. Glovo company makes deliveries in minutes (less than an hour).

In addition, customers can track their order through the geolocation tool in order to know who is the messenger or “Glover” that will transfer their order and the route that it will follow.

How does the Glovo App work?

The Glovo App works through an easy-to-use interface that offers its customers various categories: restaurants, gifts, markets, pharmacies, among others. Users of the App can request any type of product from any business or place.

The Glovo App provides users with a fast delivery service at the time they prefer. The application also offers the categories of “Collect” and “Send” products and / or gifts.

Why is the Glovo App not working? – Solution

It is possible that there may be a problem when trying to access the Glovo App . Don’t worry if this happens because there is a solution. For this reason, we advise you to follow the following steps.

Check your internet connection

If there are connection problems via Wi-Fi or through your cell phone data, you will not be able to access the Glovo App. To check the status of your internet connection , go to other applications to rule out this failure. Also, you can disconnect your cell phone from the network and re-establish that connection.

Check the operation of your device

Sometimes applications installed on mobile devices start to crash due to temporary software problems . To solve them, try to restart your cell phone and access the Glovo App again. Check if the fault is also present with the other applications.

Use an app to clear your device’s cache

Commonly, software glitches occur when there are a large number of files in the memory of the mobile device.

You can take advantage of the CCleaner tool for Android which will help you clean the device’s cache and increase the available space. Also, CCleaner closes those applications that you are not using. In this way, it will increase the performance of your cell phone.

Clean the “Downloads” folder

It is convenient that you delete the APK files that have been stored in the “Downloads” folder. Then, enter the “Settings” to clear the cache memory of the Glovo App and finally uninstall this application.

Download the Glovo App

Locate the Glovo App in the Play Store (Android) or in the Apple App Store and download this application for your device.

Enter the App again

Try to access the Glovo App again and make sure you are entering your password and the correct email. If you do not remember your password, you can select the option “I have forgotten my password” . Thus, the system will send a new link to your email so that you can proceed to reset your password.

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