How to modify the voice and apply effects in real time on Android

The phone calls have been a tremendous change in the way of communicating. However, there are many people who prefer text messaging or flat out don’t like calling because they don’t like your voice.

However, a phone call does not have to be something conventional and boring to some extent, since there are a thousand ways to make this fun, for example by changing your voice with applications.

The apps that change your voice are really useful as they can help you for multiple functions. Whether you want to make an anonymous call and don’t want your voice to be identified or a prank call to have a laugh with friends, these types of applications are always worth having.

In the following article we will explain the different ways to modify the voice and apply effects to it in real time, so that you can make the calls you want while keeping your voice and your original identity hidden.

Real-time voice changers

There are a wide variety of voice changers that have many different functions. They are from the most basic that only distort the voice, to other more complete with all kinds of additional effects that you can add to your voice.

If you want to install a voice changer to have funny voices, distorted or with additional effects , we will leave you a list with the best voice changers that you can get for free.

Voice Changer

Voice changer is a fairly basic application but one of the most useful, since you can modify your voice and put some funny modes such as the duck, giant or nervous voice , even distorted voices for calls a little more serious.

Best of all, the distortion is in real time. You can also record yourself as many times as you want and change the effects and put several at the same time. The results are very varied and without a doubt, very funny.

Live Voice Changer

This application is very useful to modify your tone of voice and impersonate another person. The app has a large number of options to configure your voice, offering a lot of results.

The program distorts the voice, so it can be used professionally for more important calls, without any fear that your identity will be discovered.

In the same way, you can record audio fragments and send them to the people you want. You can even set those voice snippets as your ringtone, so you’re the one who sets the limits for your voice.

Mic Droid

Despite the fact that this app changes your voice in real time , it is more intended for people who sing, since they can modify it to improve it.

With Mic Droid you can sing on the track of a song while it is tuning your voice and simulating that of the original singer. Undoubtedly very useful to surprise your friends, well, you can send your songs without problem.

Voice changers with effects

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to add additional effects to your voice , there is also a wide variety of applications to achieve it. In that sense we will leave a list of some of the voice changers with the most useful and downloaded effects.

Voice changer with effects – Record and modify

Well, the name of the app is quite direct, since it tells you what this great application allows you to do. You can record yourself and change the filter, making your voice higher or lower.

Once we have the message recorded and with the voice filter applied, we can send it to any friend through the application, getting fun results that will make your friends die of laughter.

Fun calls

This application is extremely useful for making anonymous calls , since in addition to distorting your voice, it can remove the id of your call .

It also includes other useful functions such as including background noises to mislead your interlocutor so that they cannot guess where you are. The only bad thing about this application is that it only has a few free test calls, since then you will have to pay to use it.


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