Why is Fortnite so addictive?

Defining why Fortnite is so addictive is quite a topic, since there are many reasons that explain its effects on children and young people. Especially after the publication of a new chapter, contest or new season.

Each season has its outstanding feature and users have even created a ranking of which ones have been the best.

In the middle of the year, Fortnite reported that its player index was touching 8.5 million players simultaneously . Being a quite considerable number in relation to other video games. Its responsiveness to some users could lead to certain problems. For this reason, it is important to know the symptoms, effects and reasoning that it has on people.

Why is Fortnite so Addictive? – Find out why Fortnite Hooks So Much

A cause not to leave home and break up marriages

Although it sounds curious, a specialized divorce ranking service claimed that Fortnite was a common cause for the breakup. There have been approximately 4,500 unlinks. While another significant sector ensures that the video game works as a “heroin” or drug that limits the user to leave home because they are attached to a device.

Regarding children or adolescents, the panorama is not so different, since they tend to spend more than 12 hours in front of a computer playing. According to these, they say that Fortnite is addictive due to the diversity of worlds, interaction with other players and missions.

Why is Fortnite addictive?

Many psychologists have stated that the main reason why Fortnite is addictive is its reward system , which is due to performance and achievements within the game.

The objective of finding an important one stimulates the brain capacity and makes the human being want to complete the mission. For example: if your brain is programmed to meet a goal and have a reward, the user will focus on completing the task regardless of the cost .

Addiction turns a common object into something necessary for everyday life, such as eating, drinking, or playing a simple game. Since they create the need for it in the brain, and encourage the person to include it in the daily routine. The damages in addiction must be taken into account with time, due to its long-term repercussions such as social isolation or lack of emotional sensitivity.

Fortnite has two game modes, the creative mode and the Battle Royale, where you can face another in a group or alone, in both modes the most important thing is to meet the objectives of the game .

What does Fortnite produce in my body?

The reactions are abundant in people who think that Fortnite is addictive, among the most important criteria are the following aspects:

Biological reaction

Believe it or not, playing Fortnite produces completely normal biological reactions , some of them affect human behavior and their biological clock. Those fast dynamics like Fortnite trigger more aggressive and powerful responses.

In fact, at the moment of performing the action, the body releases hormones such as adrenaline, so the heart begins to race. The brain is another organ that works hard during gaming sessions.

It is important to know that most video games activate the visual-motor system of the brain , since they are responsible for channeling stimuli. It also encourages and improves the aim, construction and planning of the users to win the games.

To improve as a player it is important that you know secrets of the keyboard or the game controller.

Psychological reaction

By having the whole body in motion, the psychological field is also active, since they activate various capacities and increase the amount of secreted hormones . For this reason, people feel happy or fulfilled when they win a game.

Behavioral reaction

Even if you are amazed, Fortnite also affects people’s behavior, because being a variable video game, there are different elements throughout the place. These are values ​​that make the difference between losing or winning.

By keeping this question in mind, hormone levels increase so the individual’s personality tends to be more attentive and competitive. At worst, children develop more aggressive behavior patterns or similar to those seen in play.

This game is also addictive because it allows you to play it wherever you want, since you can download it on multiple consoles such as PS4, Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch among others.


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