Why won’t Fortnite open or load me? – Fortnite does not work

Many users often report that their Fortnite accounts will not open or load, so it can be frustrating during a game. Without knowing that these operational problems are frequent and easily solved.

Before downloading Fortnite on any console, it is important that you know how much Fortnite occupies or weighs in order to be able to enjoy your game quietly.

Why won’t Fortnite Open or Load me? – Fortnite does not work

The first thing to know is that the video game consists of an application downloaded to the user’s computer or device . This, in turn, will work with a stable internet connection to access the available worlds.

The loading problems are due to errors in the development of the game that can be due to a bad connection or a failure in the equipment in question. There are many solutions when Fortnite does not open or load, but among the most important are the following:

Solution 1 when Fortnite won’t open or load: Reinstall Fortnite

Since many technical problems can be solved by rebooting, it never hurts to  run this action on the device. Then reopen Fortnite to see if it fixes the problem.

If it is not useful, we proceed to reinstall the application on the computer or phone .

It is no secret to anyone that the application has updates or patches that can mark an error. So the reinstallation allows to renew the codes and release the set of cookies or other elements that slow down the processes.

When doing the reinstallation of the application, make sure to update the game to the latest version or the version that best suits your device.

Solution 2 when Fortnite won’t open or load: Set graphics settings to Low

Another of the main reasons why Fortnite does not open or load is when the graphics settings are very high. Therefore, the user will need to lower the level manually by following these steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” of the device where the game is installed, then access the ” Video Settings ” panel located in the lower area of ​​the panel.
  • This is the perfect time to check all the commands in the settings and adjust. It should look like this: medium screen resolution, low or medium quality, medium or far viewing distance, turn off shadows and anti – aliasing, lower textures and effects.
  • Finally, when storing the configuration, the computer is restarted to see if Fortnite continues with the same problem.

Solution 3 when Fortnite won’t open or load: Graphics card driver update

Missing or outdated drivers on the computer can cause Fortnite not to open or load . Especially if your graphics card driver and your adapter driver is network. If you have a graphics card it is important to know the types to know that you have the right one.

Therefore, the user will need to verify that the graphics card drivers are up to date. There are only two ways to update this look:

Manual driver update

The manual procedure is given through the download of the latest version of the drivers belonging to the manufacturers. After locating it, it proceeds to install it on the computer. It is important to keep in mind that it is a task that requires skills in programming and incorporation of applications in technological equipment.

Automatic drivers update

In case of lack of relevant knowledge or little patience, users can do it with Driver Easy. This media will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it.

Owners don’t need to know exactly what system their computer is running, so they don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver.

In addition, the update can be executed using the free or Pro version of Driver Easy. Although, the Pro version only needs 2 clicks on the “Scan Now” button, wait for the procedure to be finished and it can be executed on the computer. For all the changes to the computer to take effect, it is important to fully restart and reopen the game.


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