Why Everybody loves banana in Fortnite

In Fortnite : Battle Royale, bananas are always popular with the community. But why is this so? Here you can find all kinds of curious information about bananas and the associated “shawl skins”.

What about bananas? If you look at Fortnite trends on Google, a term pops up over and over again: “banana.” Therefore, yellow walnuts are very popular with fans. But why? What is this all about and how can this phenomenon be explained? The answer lies in a skin that came into play a long time ago.

Shali – It all started with a dumbest banana skin

When did the first banana come into play? In Chapter 1 of Season 8 of Fortnite, the topic was the tropics and pirates. Since the setting was tropical, there was a humanoid banana like skin in the Battle Pass at the time. She looked quite happy and friendly and was featured in several cover photos where she became friends with the character Jonesy.

How did the banana skins go? Since the banana was already well received by fans, the idea was soon picked up. Already in the following ninth season, the trailer showed how Jonesy and the banana “Shali” retreat to a bunker at the last second.

All scarves at a glance.

How and where can you get banana skins? Like all skins, Shali’s are not permanently in the game. But there are always new Schali variants in the store or in battle passes. There is also a game in the store called “Banana Gang” and it will surely appear in the store from time to time. The set previously contained the classic shawl, Halloween shawl, and a banana pickaxe, as well as fall animations.

It’s also quite conceivable that a new shali mask will appear in one of the upcoming Fortnite seasons, because the banana is still a popular in-game mascot. If you think Schali is cool, but you haven’t played Fortnite in a while or have never tried it, we have an interesting article for you – read here if the colorful Fortnite Battle Royale is still worth getting into in 2021.

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