Why do girls love Apple Watch

Not so long ago, I noticed that many of my friends wear Apple Watch. Alexandra, whom I talked about earlier , uses a smartwatch from Xiaomi, but I think it’s only a matter of time. Nevertheless, Apple Watch is indeed the most popular accessory among the beautiful half of humanity. It seems that if your girlfriend or wife does not have a smartwatch from Apple yet, then sooner or later they will appear. I asked why the ladies appreciate this gadget so much. I think you will also be interested to know why this is happening.

Understanding why girls love Apple Watch


  • 1Apple Watch for sports
  • 2Apple Watch for work
  • 3Apple Watch and AirPods
  • 4How to choose a women’s watch
  • 5Apple Watch Straps

Apple Watch for sports

A former fitness colleague of mine appreciates the Apple Watch Series 3 Nike + for its sporting features. She works as a trainer and monitors her performance in order to carefully adjust nutrition for herself. Plus, Apple Watch is a great calorie burner , an important number for a group instructor to tailor your workout so that you don’t overdo it yourself and be exhausted at the end of the day.

Those in sports love the Apple Watch madly.

Working in a fitness club is, first of all, a great responsibility for people. The coach has no right to overwork himself, in addition, “killing” his wards in the classroom. In general, all functions for a trainer are on the hand. And due to the fact that the Apple Watch is a fairly independent gadget, there is no need to constantly keep an iPhone at hand.

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Apple Watch for work

A close friend of mine just got an Apple Watch. Honestly, I thought that she simply had nowhere to put her money. How wrong I was! She works hard and has to always stay in touch. In this she is rescued by smart watches from Apple, which display notifications from WhatsApp , as well as from e-mail in time.

Apple Watch is a great work companion

For ordinary people like me, notifications are still evil. But for a friend, this is the best way to connect with colleagues. Alas, many of us work 24/7, my friend is no exception. And endless push notifications are quite familiar to her. Even in the middle of the night. Even when they write to her in separate messages.

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Apple Watch and AirPods

Another good friend of mine is a big music fan. But she doesn’t really like using her smartphone while listening. She has a creative approach to everything: to work, to life. Art is her element. And listening to music on AirPods without the annoying iPhone is what she values ​​the Apple Watch for. Going for a walk to the tracks of Sia or Lana del Rey is a common way to get a big dose of inspiration to keep creating.

Apple Watch and AirPods Pro are the perfect match

Her poems, paintings and beautiful photographs – this would not have happened without her beloved Apple Watch, which she appreciates more than other gadgets. She does not pay attention to the main disadvantage of smart watches – the battery, which needs to be charged almost every day. The main thing is that they help to abstract from the smartphone and create.

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How to choose a women’s watch

Another friend of mine was presented with an Apple Watch by a young man. In general, when you choose an accessory for a girl, there is a small problem: it is believed that you cannot give a watch. But in the Apple Watch, no matter how strange it may sound, the watch has one name. I think that the curse of wristwatches does not extend to them. He thought so too and gave her a cool Apple Watch with a Milanese Loop strap.

Apple Watch is a gorgeous gift for a girl!

She believes that it is very practical and beautiful at the same time: earlier on her hand were cool Swatch with NFC, but the Apple Watch is out of competition . Firstly, it is beautiful and there is something on the wrist – without a bracelet or watch, she feels discomfort. Secondly, it’s beautiful – it’s not for nothing that Apple Watch is considered the best-selling watch in the world. And many of the functions of a smartphone in one little thing , which is important.

Apple Watch Straps

All ladies have one thing in common: they love to customize their smartwatches using different straps. Someone prefers a more accessible option so that it is cheap, cheerful and beautiful. Others choose an original accessory – although it is expensive, but a great reason to make yourself a small gift at the end of a difficult week.

Apple Watch bands are a chic way to customize your device

Apple Watch bands are a great investment. The company often leaves the opportunity for customers to use accessories from previous versions of their smartwatches in new generations. Many have already managed to change one generation of Apple Watch to a new one, and the collection of straps came in handy.

It’s nice that Apple gadgets are not only a great purchase for yourself, but also a gorgeous gift for your soulmate. I hope that this small mini-survey will help you understand how the beautiful half of humanity feel about smartwatches. And you will not have problems with a gift for the next holiday. Good luck!

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