How to know the size of a ring

Tricks to find out the size of a ring and see if it fits your fingers easily

Let’s see how to know the size of a ring ; And it is that on many occasions it is difficult to know the size of a ring and if it will fit well on the finger on which you want to wear it, something even more complicated in online shopping if you are not physically in the store. Another possibility is that you want to give someone a ring but do not know the ideal size , which can lead to situations where you will have to change the ring, as long as they accept changes. Therefore, and for you to go as safe or secure as possible , we tell you the best tricks to know the size of a ring .

How to know the size of a ring

Index of contents

  • How to know your ring size with another ring
  • How to know your ring size without another ring
  • See a jewelry professional

How to know your ring size with another ring

The best way to know your perfect ring size is to have another ring that already suits you ; Thus, if you have a ring that fits well on your finger, without pressing or dancing a lot, you can use it as an example to find the ideal size for a new ring. The same is true if the ring is for someone else; if you can get a ring in the perfect size, everything will be much easier. The trick is very simple: if the two circumferences fit when placing the two rings one on top of the other , it means that it is your ideal size.

Another method is to measure the inside diameter of the ring that suits you well to use this measurement to compare it with the new ring that you want to acquire and whose size you do not know. Follow the steps below:

  1. Place the ring you already have in your size on a ruler or tape measure.
  2. It measures the inside diameter, that is, the distance between the inner faces furthest from each other of the ring, where the finger goes.
  3. Write down the measurement obtained in millimeters; remember that 1 centimeter equals 10 millimeters.
  4. Check the size through the equivalences in millimeters in the following table:

How to know your ring size without another ring

The following situation is somewhat more complex, since by not having another reference ring , it is more difficult to obtain a tight size; still it is not impossible. Follow the steps below:

  1. Wrap a thread or a soft tape measurearound your finger , like a ring; Adjust it so that it is neither too tight nor too loose .
  2. Mark the point where the ends meet and close the circumference.
  3. Now measure the piece of thread with a ruler or tape measureor write down the measurement in the case of using a tape measure directly; write down the measurement in millimeters .
  4. When you have the measurement, you will have to calculate the diameter of the finger; use the following formula: Measure in millimeters / 3.14. For example: 47mm / 3.14 = 14.9.
  5. When you have the result of this formula, you will beable to compare the measurement with its equivalent size in the following table; If the measurement is not exact, we recommend rounding up so that the ring does not squeeze you too much:

See a jewelry professional

Beyond these two homemade methods that you can easily perform yourself, you can always go to a jeweler to tell you the exact size you need for your new ring. The jeweler will most likely have sample rings of all sizes, although they may also have a  finger-shaped ring sizer that will provide you with the exact size.

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