30 easy ways to use makeup

The main rule: if the shelf life has come to an end, and the product has noticeably changed its properties, for example, it acquired a strange smell or an unusual consistency, do not apply it to the skin and hair. Expired funds should be used only for domestic purposes.


  1. Light shadows that shamelessly roll when used for their intended purpose will make a good highlighter, and light brown and gray-brown shadows will replace sculpting tools.
  2. The trick from the previous point also works in the opposite direction: bronzers, contouring products and even blush of suitable shades can easily replace shadows.
  3. The eyeshadow can be converted into an eyeliner. To do this, you will need an eyeshadow thinner. Professional brands have such, analogs can be found among Korean cosmetics. Soak the brush in thinner, pick up shadows, and draw in your eyes. Instead of a thinner, you can take water, but in this case you will have to sacrifice the durability of the eyeliner.
  4. Use eyebrows in matching shades to shape your brows. With cream, by the way, you get two in one: both color and fixation.
  5. Matte light shadows with yellow undertones will hide skin imperfections. Pat the eye shadow over the inflammation using a flat brush or finger.
  6. To pacify your eyebrows, if you do not have the means intended for this at hand, you can use a colorless hygienic lipstick.
  7. A mattifying face cream works great as a base under the shadow.
  8. If lipstick or colored balm for its intended purpose does not work well: dry lips, roll into a nasty strip or blur along the contour, use them as blush. Take the product on your fingertips and use a hammering motion to apply it to the apples of your cheeks. An important point: this should be done before you powder.
  9. Creamy blush can be used instead of lipstick, just apply lip balm first.
  10. Too light powder will mask bruises under the eyes. Apply with a patting motion to set the concealer and further lighten dark areas.

Body and hair care

  1. Ruthlessly grind bright shadows that cannot boast of persistence, ruthlessly grind into powder, and pour it into a bottle of clear nail polish. Mix thoroughly and get a new varnish.
  2. Colorless chapstick replaces wax or cuticle oil. Apply generously to the skin around your nails several times a day and rub in thoroughly. Forget about cracks and burrs.
  3. A conditioner or hair mask is a good alternative to shaving gel. They provide a smooth razor glide and soften skin.
  4. If you apply a conditioner or a mask to the body in the shower, and rinse off after two or three minutes, you can do without the cream. True, the owners of skin prone to rashes, it is better not to abuse this.
  5. The body cream turns into a scrub with a light movement of the hand, just add ground coffee or coarse salt there. A new portion should be kneaded immediately before use.
  6. If the facial toner leaves an unpleasant stickiness on the skin after application, pour it into a spray bottle and use it as a hair spray. This trick can only be done with products that do not contain alcohol.
  7. An acidic cream that has proven to be merciless on your face and causes flakiness is sure to please your feet. If you regularly apply it on your shins, you can forget about ingrown hairs. Lubricate your feet with acid cream at night, the hardened skin will gradually soften.
  8. When you want to soften the skin of your feet as quickly as possible, depilatory cream will come to the rescue. Apply it in a thick layer to problem areas under the cling film and wait 15 minutes, then file with a file.
  9. Loose powder in hot summer will replace talcum powder for the body or feet.
  10. Apply stick deodorant to your feet and toes before putting on new shoes. The likelihood of the appearance of corns will be significantly reduced.

Household needs

  1. Face, body, hand and foot creams can be used on leather products to soften and add shine.
  2. The shampoo is perfect for washing woolen items and delicate fabrics. In this case, shower gel and intimate hygiene product will compete with him. Even if the expiration date is over, it doesn’t matter, the sweater doesn’t care.
  3. Shampoos, gels, and cleansers can be used to cleanse makeup brushes and sponges.
  4. If you have tonic containing alcohol in your bin, use it as a sanitizer: wipe your hands, cell phone and computer keyboard.
  5. Nail polish is great for touching up scratches on shoes and frayed heels.
  6. Clear varnish can be used to secure freedom-loving screws in the temples of glasses and to fill in scratches on lacquered furniture.
  7. If you stain the collar of your outerwear with foundation, wipe the dirty areas with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water.
  8. A cotton pad and micellar water are a tandem that can restore the former look of the stained light soles of shoes.
  9. A two-phase make-up remover will remove even the stubborn marks from labels and price tags on almost any surface.
  10. To prevent new shoes from staining your feet, spray the inside with hairspray.


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