Why aren’t the WhatsApp messages I send to my contacts sent?

If you have had problems with WhatsApp lately and you want to know why the WhatsApp messages that I send to my contacts are not sent? Here we will give you the possible reasons and how you can do to solve this uncomfortable situation.

WhatsApp is currently used massively to share all kinds of content , from photos to medium-quality videos, although it has its limitations in terms of the size of the files that we can send, it is still the app preferred by many. Also being very popular, due to the customization methods it has, such as being able to change the color of its logo to the one we prefer.

Start by ruling out a few factors

Initially, we must rule out possible causes of this failure when sending our messages. Check if your internet connection is stable and working correctly, this can be done by opening other apps that use the internet, or by using another device that can connect to the network.

In case you have mobile data, try checking your balance. Although it sounds unlikely, many people find that they are unable to send messages due to lack of mobile data. Another thing you should check is that you do not have your mobile data limited to a certain amount of Gigabytes. You can check it from the settings of your device in the mobile networks tab. Uncheck any that say limit or limited data.

In case you have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device , you can try to enter the second one and send a message to the same person or to different contacts, this can tell you if the problem is your main account or is due to another factor.

It is possible that the app is overloaded with junk data, so you can try to clear the cache of the application. In modern devices we can do a quick search from the settings . Just enter ‘applications’ and you will get the administrator. Once here you can search for WhatsApp and in storage data, clear the cache.

Messages take too long to send

If none of the above has helped you, and you continue to experience problems communicating, the application itself may have a corrupted file and therefore trying to send messages takes a long time or they are simply never sent.

Because of this, it never hurts to do a clean reinstall of the program on your device. In addition, you should not be afraid of losing your chats, since you can make a copy, send the chats to your email account to download them again once you have the clean program.

Once you have your data saved, you just have to click on the app, until the option to delete it appears, once uninstalled we can search the store again, through the search bar we will find it quickly. This will also cause the latest version of the program to be installed for you.

In addition to the above, you can additionally restart your device , in order to be sure that it is not a problem with the terminal, but with the app.

Other possible factors that may be responsible

With what has been done previously, we rule out that the problem is our cell phone or the app itself, since we installed it from scratch, if you still cannot solve the problem , you can try to restart your internet modem.

To do this, simply unplug it from the outlet or if your device has an off button, use it. You must leave it off for at least 40 seconds , so that it can download and when it turns on again, access the internet quickly.

If you have internet on your computer, you can try to log into WhatsApp Web , through your browser. For this you only have to scan a QR code with your device. From here you can use all the functions you have on your cell phone, and it is a useful way to check if messages are being sent.

As a last alternative, you can try to contact the technical service, by means of an international phone call. The number to make this type of claim is ‘1-800-889-9999’. Once you manage to communicate, you must explain your situation well and clarify that you have already verified that you do not have an internet problem.


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