How To cancel messages sent before they are read In Instagram

As in all social networks with instant messaging, it often happens to send a message by mistake. On Instagram there is the possibility to cancel messages sent before they are read .

This is a very useful feature especially when sending private messages to your Instagram followers. Sending a message to the wrong person is a very recurring fact, which is why canceling the Instagram message before it is read is an added value.

Here are the steps to take to cancel sent Instagram messages.

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Cancel sending Instagram message: quick and easy instructions

To delete messages on Instagram before being read, you need to:

  • Start Instagramfor Android or iOS .
  • Tap on the airplaneicon at the top right to access the message exchange section.
  • On the Maintab , find the contacts you messaged with and the ones you have suggested.
  • Open the contact you sent a message to. Select the message, pressing it for a few seconds, and tap Cancel sending the message.
  • A window will appear Do you want to cancel sending the message? Tap again on the item Cancel sending the message.
  • Another Unsent Messagewindow will appear , warning you that the message will be removed from the conversation.
  • Press OKand the message will disappear.

The operation will be successful only if the recipient has not read the message. Also, even if the message has been deleted and unread, it can still be included if the conversation is reported.

Deleting a message from the chat can be done even if the message has been read.

There is also a similar feature on WhatsApp , you can learn more by reading these articles:

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