Why aren’t WhatsApp notifications ringing?

Do you have WhatsApp full of messages but you don’t know why notifications don’t sound? Why don’t WhatsApp notifications sound on your mobile?

You are not the only one with this problem, since it is an inconvenience that brings users upside down more often than you imagine. But don’t worry, it is possible to fix it in just a few clicks.


It can be a simple configuration problem or a trick that the app is playing after receiving an update. Or perhaps some complementary configuration of the mobile is preventing WhatsApp notifications from having sound.

So to fix it, we will have to take a look at a number of settings.

  • First, let’s start with the configuration of the WhatsApp appfrom the mobile Settings. To do this, go to Settings >> Applications >> WhatsApp and look for the “Notifications” section, as you see in the image.

    You will see that Group Notifications and Message Notifications are divided. Enter each of them and make sure you have “Alert” enabled so that the mobile allows notifications to have sound.

  • The second option is to take a look at the notificationsettings from the WhatsApp application . To do this, open the app, look for Settings >> Notifications and make sure that in “Messages”, “Groups” and “Calls” the “Notification tone ” is enabled and “Silence” is not selected.

Reviewing those settings you should already solve the problem of the sound of notifications. But if they still persist, then try clearing the app cache and data, or if you want to take the time, uninstall the app and start the setup from scratch.


Users have reported many different problems with WhatsApp notifications, perhaps one of these is causing you more of a headache:

  • WhatsApp notifications sometimes sound and sometimes not

This problem usually has a single culprit: the saving of mobile energy. If you have configured any automatic optimization to improve the performance of the mobile, it may affect the operation of WhatsApp, for example, when the battery drops less than 60%, or in certain periods, etc.

So take a look at the settings you have set for mobile maintenance and deactivate it for an hour to see if that is the problem.

  • WhatsApp notifications do not sound if I use mobile data

In this case, you may also be affected by some Energy Saving or Mobile Optimization settings. To prevent this from happening, just go to Mobile Settings >> Applications >> WhatsApp >> Mobile data and make sure that the options “Allow background data use” and “Allow with active data saving” are enabled.

  • WhatsApp notifications don’t sound, they just vibrate

If you have the problem only with this application, then look for the solution in WhatsApp Settings. Just go to the “Notifications” section and make sure that both “Messages”, “Groups” and “Calls” have a notification tone activated . Otherwise, “Mute” will be enabled and the app will only use vibration by default.

  • WhatsApp does not show notifications

If WhatsApp notifications do not appear on the mobile it may be for different reasons. First, make sure that you have enabled the “Notifications” for WhatsApp from the mobile settings (Settings >> Applications >> WhatsApp >> Notifications). Then go over the settings and check that you don’t have “Energy Saving”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Concentration Mode” or “Rest” configured to prevent apps from working in the background.

  • I do not receive notifications from WhatsApp groups

First, check in your groups that you do not have some of the “Mute notifications ” options activated. And if that is not the case, then check both in the WhatsApp app settings and in the mobile settings that you have group notifications activated.

  • WhatsApp notifications do not appear on the lock screen

For notifications from WhatsApp, and from any app, to appear on the lock screen, you just have to go to Settings >> Lock screen and activate the notifications. You will see that it gives you the option to hide both the application icon and the content of the notification.

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