How to make a video call on WhatsApp Web PC

We have known of its existence for several weeks, but now it seems that it becomes a reality. We refer to the support of voice calls and video calls on WhatsApp Web . Thanks to this new functionality, we will be able to communicate with any contact without using the telephone. In addition, in the case of video calls, it will be possible to use the hardware of our PC, such as the webcam or the speakers, while our mobile device rests.

WhatsApp has started to activate this feature only for a small group of users . Although it is expected that in the coming weeks it will be enabled for everyone, we wanted to share with you this guide that will help you get the most out of WhatsApp calls and video calls on your PC.


Before entering the matter, there is a detail that you must take into account. Calls and video calls from the computer will only be functional from the official WhatsApp application . If you expected to use them from WhatsApp Web in the browser, for now, it will not be possible. Also, in this case, when we talk about computers, we are referring to computers with Windows 10. It does not seem that the developers have supported this function in macOS.

Once this is clarified, it’s time to get down to work. The first step is to download the official WhatsApp Web application on your computer. You can do it directly by visiting this link or through the application store. In the latter case, you just have to use the search engine to locate WhatsApp and click Install .

When the installation is completed successfully, go to the start menu and run WhatsApp Desktop . In the WhatsApp settings of your mobile device, locate the WhatsApp Web option and click on Scan QR code . You must capture the code that will appear on the screen and, as if by magic, your account will be logged on to your computer. Now, how do you make calls and video calls from a computer? How are they received?

To check that you have this function enabled, from WhatsApp Web for PC, open the conversation with a contact. Verify that, next to the name, there are the call and video call buttons. They should look something like the following:

If these buttons are present in the conversation, it means that you have support for calls and video calls. The WhatsApp for Windows interface when making calls is very simple. You can see a preview sample thanks to Twitter user @tomyto.

After confirming with @WABetaInfo , we tested voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web with @rsametband . They are available in a limited way in the app for Windows 10. And this is how calls look, from a mobile phone (vertical) and from my PC (horizontal)

– Guillermo Tomoyose (@tomyto) January 21, 2021


If you don’t have this feature enabled yet, but you want to enjoy WhatsApp video calls on a larger screen, use your tablet. The first step is to download WhatsApp on your device. Do it from the Google Play Store or, if it is not possible in your case, from a repository such as APKMirror.

So, configure WhatsApp with your usual phone number. Do not forget that you must enter a code received by SMS. Therefore, keep your mobile phone close by.

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