How to activate WhatsApp notifications on Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?

The use of the smart watch, or as it is known Smart Watch, is fashionable and in the market we can get a great variety of them. And its popularity is largely due, because it can be synchronized with your mobile phone, Android or iOS . But in this article we will show you how you can activate WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite .

This is one of the advantages that we can obtain when using a smart watch that when synchronized with the mobile we can receive notifications . And this not only from WhatsApp, but also from other social networks or direct communication applications. And this of course among other functions, such as the step counter, taking screenshots or monitoring sleep .

But the truth is that if you are one of the thousands of users who already use a Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite smartwatch, you are going to want to make the most of it. And this is the purpose of this article, that you learn how simple and fast it will be to start one of its functions. So let’s see what are the steps to follow to activate WhatsApp notifications on your smart watch .

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  1. What is the procedure to link your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite with your mobile?
  2. How is the reception of notifications activated on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?
  3. Why does Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite not show you WhatsApp notifications and how to fix it?
    1. Restart the control of your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite
    2. Set notifications without restrictions
    3. Consultation with technical support

What is the procedure to link your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite with your mobile?

When you have a smart watch, the first step to receive notifications on it is that you link it with your mobile phone. Otherwise it will be impossible for you to receive an alert from WhatsApp or any other application. The steps you are going to perform will work on both Android and iOS devices.

To begin with the pairing of your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite to the phone , you must have both devices turned on. The next step will be to download the App of the clock on the mobile and for this you must locate and scan the code with your phone. The next step is to create an account and log in, so that you have access to the settings of the App that we just downloaded.

Once you are in the configuration window, you must make sure that the option ‘Spain’ is selected in the town section. And to finish you must simply choose the option My Watch Lite so that the device is added and linked on your phone.

How is the reception of notifications activated on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite?

Now, we have already linked the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite to our phone , now we must activate the notifications. And in this way any message, reminder, call, audio or video that reaches our mobile, we will be alerted from the clock. Or we will receive notifications regardless of whether we have our Smartphone near us.

The steps that we will follow to activate the notifications are the following. In principle, you must download the Xiaomi Wear App . Once this step is done, you must log in and then go to the lower ribbon so that you can enter your profile. The next step will be to find the Notifications section and slide the one that has to do with the Apps installed on your mobile and voila, the notifications will be activated .

Why does Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite not show you WhatsApp notifications and how to fix it?

It is possible that even following the instructions that we offer here to activate notifications on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, you still have problems receiving alerts from WhatsApp . This may be because the notifications are not active for that platform.

And this is easy to check if you go into the ‘Notifications’ and look to see which applications are active. But if you realize that it is indeed active for WhatsApp and you still do not receive notifications, then you can try the following.

Restart the control of your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

A possible solution for the problem of not receiving WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi My Watch Lite . It consists of restarting the control, and to do this, go to the clock and slide from the bottom up to display an on-screen menu. The next step is to click on the gear icon to enter the ‘Settings’.

The next step is to search and enter the system settings, this will be achieved at the bottom of the screen. To finish, you just have to click on the option ‘Restart control’ and this action will proceed immediately. At the end of the process you must verify that now it is possible to receive WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite .

Set notifications without restrictions

Another possible solution to the problem that is presented to you has to do with setting the notifications without restrictions . To do this procedure it is necessary that you enter the settings of your phone. Next, you must find and select the ‘Applications’ section, this action will show you a list of all the installed Apps.

The next step is to search and click on Xiaomi Wear, now you will be taken to a new window and in it you must look for the option ‘No Restrictions’ and press it. The last step is to activate this function and in this way you can see the notifications you receive from WhatsApp . It will be so easy and fast how to change the strap of your SmartWatch .

Consultation with technical support

If you have already exhausted all the possible solutions to the problem of not being able to receive notifications from the WhatsApp App on your smart watch. It is time then that you seek specialized help, and in this case we recommend consulting with technical support .

In order to access them and receive a timely response, you must enter the main Xiaomi website . And from there you can prepare a detailed report with the problem that is being presented to you and thus you can receive the necessary advice to receive WhatsApp notifications from your Xiaomi device .

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