Why are my Xiaomi hearing aids not heard or do I only hear them from one side?

For mobile devices, the arrival of wireless headphones was one of the best news. For Xiaomi mobile devices , it makes the brand gain fame in the market. Well, thanks to these devices, many have chosen to consider their purchase on the Amazon platform .

But not for that, we rule out the possibility that these can be damaged. Some users of this brand have been involved in protests and complaints, realizing that their hearing aids have presented sound failures.

Why are my XIAOMI hearing aids not heard or only heard from one side? – Solution

Like for example, that they are not heard or that only something works. To do this, we bring you the solution to this problem, in the same way that you can see your WhatsApp notifications on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite.

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  1. What are the disadvantages of a Bluetooth headset?
    1. Have any pairing problem
    2. Continuous use time of hearing aids
  2. What are the connection problems that I can have with my AirDots?
    1. If there is an unbinding problem between the AirDots
    2. If there is a pairing problem with the mobile
  3. How do I fix the pairing issue on my AirDots?
    1. Reconnect your Xiaomi headphones
    2. Reset your AirDots settings

What are the disadvantages of a Bluetooth headset?

One of the fashions today. It is wearing headphones connected via Bluetooth. Listening to music, watching video, has become very easy thanks to this.

Obviously, using wired headphones today is not widely seen, since the reason is that this cable tends to get damaged and fail so that we cannot hear anything. But wireless headphones are not perfect either and have their drawbacks.

One of the main problems with these headphones is that you always have to keep them charged. It is usually very annoying that, when listening to music, it is indicating that it needs charging. Problem that with normal hearing aids does not usually happen. But not only can we connect headphones , but we can also  automatically connect the cell phone to the car .

Have any pairing problem

It often happens that in very remote cases, the hearing aids cannot be connected to the mobile device. This is due, firstly, that they may not be found in use because Bluetooth is not deactivated. In many of the hearing aids, they have a button with the ‘B’ logo,  to activate precisely this device.



In this way, we will be able to see on the mobile, the device available to make the connection automatically, just by giving the name of the hearing aids. Keep in mind that if your wireless headphones are in charging mode, that is, they are charging .

Continuous use time of hearing aids

One of the problems that we had already mentioned before is the time that these devices are given. So if you use these for a long time, they will tend to discharge and you will have to put them on charge to use them again. This case does not happen in hearing aids that have cables.

What are the connection problems that I can have with my AirDots?

The same Xiaomi mobile device company gives us the possibility of using its new AirDots headphones to connect and use them. These headphones are a good option to have your hands free and not depend on wired headphones. But these new devices have some problems that have bothered many users.

If there is an unbinding problem between the AirDots

A problem as simple as the unpairing between the mobile device with the AirDots is one of the most common inconveniences. You have to keep in mind that, every time you move away from the mobile, the signal decreases and begins to have interference. In this way, it will reach a point where it will be disconnected and will have no more connection.

If there is a pairing problem with the mobile

A very obvious problem that can affect the connection of both parties is that of pairing problems between the AirDots and the mobile . This is due to the fact that one of the hearing aids has been used for a long time, causing it to have said inconvenience.

This problem will also be affecting the operation of the hearing aid as such. You can fix it by turning it off and charging again.

How do I fix the pairing issue on my AirDots?

Just like disconnecting network drives . The solution may also unpair the AirDots from your mobile, but we can solve this without problems. For this, we recommend that you have both your mobile device and Bluetooth updated so that this does not happen so often. Since an outdated version of Bluetooth, it may cause the Bluetooth to not have a good connection.

Reconnect your Xiaomi headphones

It has happened to many that their AirDots hearing aids disconnect or only one side is heard. The best solution to this is to unpair them and re-pair the hearing aids with the mobile. To do so, you must put the AirDots in the box, and delete the data of these from the mobile.

After this, you will need to take the AirDots out of the box and hold the power button for five seconds to remove them. After that, you will have to press the button again, but this time for twenty seconds. This to restart the connection of the AirDots. Finally, you will only have to turn them on and pair them with the mobile as you normally do.

Reset your AirDots settings

In some cases, resetting the AirDots settings may resolve the connection issue. To do this, according to the company’s technical support, we must remove the AirDots from their box, and press the buttons on the headphones for fifteen seconds at the same time.

They will be launching a red and white light , at that moment, you must turn on the headphones and reconnect them with the mobile.


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