When to start a consortium?

When you hear the term consortium , what comes to your mind? The possibility of buying a car ? Investing in a good depending on a drawing to be won ? One of the possibilities of buying a car in the 1990s for those who did not have credit?

The consortium is a model of investing in high-value assets that has become increasingly important over the years.

For a long time, people sought the consortium modality to buy a car, but the fact is that the category has been renewed over the years.Next, we’ll show you how the consortium can help you improve your life , regardless of the stage you’re in.

Consortium is also for young people

Let’s say you want to buy your first car and still live with your parents. You help pay for college and do an internship to prepare for the job market.

Most likely you have plans for the future. After all, he wants to achieve financial independence and invest in a property , for example, to think about starting his own family.Did you know that the consortium can help you in this step? It is not necessary to add an exorbitant amount to enter a property, for example.Through the consortium, you can simulate the value of a house , apartment or land and start paying monthly installments as soon as possible. The advantage is that you can continue your studies without compromising your income so much.In fact, it is common for young adults to count on the help of their parents to pay the first installments. After all, it is an important investment for the child , who will certainly be better prepared for his financial independence.


Consortium for the purchase of the first car

One of the most important achievements in a young person’s life is the purchase of the first car. But, as is common in high-value goods, it is often necessary to have the down payment or submit to the high interest rates charged by financial institutions.


The best way to invest in a new car – be it zero km or even new – is by the consortium. You make a simulation of the total value of the car and divide it by the number of installments that works best for you.

The consortium simulator itself already shows how much the monthly fees would be, including the administration fee , which remunerates the company, and reserve funds , to provide security to the groups. These values ​​do not exceed 15% of the total asset. A much more pleasant option than paying almost twice the term value of a car, isn’t it?

Service Consortium

One of the hottest news from the consortium is the possibility to invest in services . With letters between R $ 15 thousand and R $ 30 thousand, you can use the consortium to:


  • National and international trips (you can choose for packages, for example)


  • Invest in studies (undergraduate, exchange, MBA, among others)


  • Plastic surgeries


  • Renovations to your home or apartment


  • Parties


  • Wedding


You can already see that there are countless advantages to a consortium. Make a simulation and invest in the best way in long-term goods.


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