Home office: 5 tips to keep your work corner organized

Due to the pandemic, the home office has become an imposed reality for millions of Brazilians. As a way to contain coronavirus contamination, many companies have been forced to rely on their employees working from home .


This represented a huge challenge for many people: a survey carried out by the company specializing in online recruitment Catho showed that only 37% of Brazilians had a home office at some point in their professional lives . That is, more than half of the workers are going through this transition for the first time.


In order to help you be more productive at work at home, we have separated some tips for you to keep your corner well organized .


Create your workspace

First of all, determine what the work corner will be. If you already have an office set up, great. If not, it is worth organizing a space where you can work normally.


Consider a space where you can use a computer, have access to office supplies, notebooks, in short, the instruments you usually use at work.


Invest in accessories

Organize a table where you can leave your things and a comfortable chair. Also invest in some accessories that can help you, such as support for notebook, post-its, office supplies, lamps etc.


Think about the organization

If the adaptation with the home office was difficult and ended up leaving an unprecedented mess on your desk, it is worth returning some houses. Get everything off the table and understand what really needs to be there and that is essential to your job.


In this case, leave a place for paperwork only (such as a drawer, for example). Have a wastebasket nearby, discard anything that is unnecessary and start to be more strict with the items at your disposal, leaving everything in its place .


Combine the game with the people at home

Couples with children have experienced some difficulties when talking about home office. In this case, the recommended thing is to have a conversation between the family and to combine the best way so that this new professional reality is a pleasant experience for everyone.


For example, you can use a simple ‘open door’ system. In moments with important meetings, for example, you close the door and let it be agreed that there can be no interruptions at this time.


Also, think about organizing spaces for each member who works from home office. If a shared table works, great. If each one needs high concentration and prefers to be alone, leave it combined in which room each one will be.


Think of the scenario

Who works with home office needs to get used to videoconferences. It is at this moment when people share – even without wanting to – a little more the corner of your home for people at work.


Keep everything around you well organized , so as not to create an undesirable impression among colleagues.


With these tips, you have everything to have a more productive home office and fall in love with another special corner of your home !

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