Want to renovate your home? We have 5 tips for you to get inspired

From time to time our home needs a good rejuvenation. The paint is worn, the furniture does not seem to have the shine of a few years ago and, in many cases, the environment itself becomes less pleasant.


In some cases, it is necessary to pilot a renovation for security reasons: exchange old items, clean up the plumbing and wiring , take care of places that can generate infiltration …


Even when it comes to remodeling for aesthetic reasons, renovating the home is an important step.


But, when it comes to actually doing the renovation , what to choose? With good planning and vision, it is possible to renovate your property and make it even more incredible. It takes work, but believe me: it pays!


Check out 5 valuable tips to inspire your home renovation :


Furniture with multiple functions

If you want to save space to make the environment more free, multi-functional furniture options may be a good choice .


In small apartments, it is possible to join the dining room with the living room with furniture like a buffet or even a bench that serves as a chest to store personal items.


Plaster lining

In addition to giving a good finish , the plaster lining maintains a sense of harmony with the environment.


Although it is widely used in several types of renovations, it is necessary to have specific care with plaster ceilings. If there is a wide variation in temperature in your home or apartment, there is a risk that the ceiling will crack.


This happens due to the thermal expansion of the material: if there is a lot of change from high and low temperatures, it contracts and expands in several situations, causing cracks.


The ideal is to have a specialist who identifies these changes and proposes a solution that avoids the immediate contact of the plaster with the ceiling.


Unity in rooms

Choose colors that will harmonize . For example, you can play with dark furniture contrasts along with lighter decor. Or even focus on a shade for all elements of the room, with pastel colors, for example.


Bathroom is also a place for renovation

Yes, you can also reorganize the space and make the bathroom a special corner of the house . Many people like to make this place more functional, although details like plumbing and shower wiring limit the options.


Be creative when choosing the sink , review the layout of the products and, of course, take care to keep the floor harmonious with all changes.


Consortium to renovate the house or apartment

You can also count on the consortium when proposing a new renovation for your home.


With the services consortium , you have a letter of credit from R $ 15,000 to R $ 30,000, which can be divided into up to 40 monthly fees.


Of all the service possibilities, the reform consortium is the most chosen!


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