When to change baby?

The change is to replace the soiled diapers with clean, dry diapers and to clean the buttocks. This operation is carried out 6 to 10 times a day during the first months! Remember that changing a baby is not only a matter of hygiene, it is also an intense moment of pleasure for the baby.


  1. How often to change baby?
  2. Should I change my baby before or after meals?
  3. Should baby be changed overnight?

How often to change baby?

You must  change your baby as soon as his diaper is dirty (urine or stool), even if you changed it less than 5 minutes ago. This often corresponds to meal times. In all cases,  every 2 to 3 hours maximum , you must check the condition of the layer. If he cries because it is wet or dirty,  it should be changed more frequently .

Know that changing baby’s diaper frequently is the best prevention against irritation or redness on the buttocks .

Note: you should wash the baby’s genitals and buttocks each time you change their diaper.

Should I change my baby before or after meals?

Some pediatricians recommend changing the child  before meals to avoid regurgitation or vomiting associated with mobilizations . For Dr Nathalie Cartier-Lacave, pediatrician at Saint Vincent de Paul hospital in Paris: ” the moment before feeding is often the most appropriate  because it avoids mobilizing the baby afterwards or disturbing him if he falls asleep, prolonging this moment of calm and tenderness . ”

But the hungry infant who cries and is agitated sometimes makes the operation acrobatic … In addition, the younger the child, the more marked the gastro-colic reflex, the consequence of which is the expulsion of stool after meals, making more useful cleaning after eating .

Some therefore prefer to  change the baby’s diaper  before feeding, others after. If you change it before, it may fill its layer during or after the meal, if you change it afterwards, you risk causing regurgitation or waking him up when he was dozing sated… So the choice is yours .

Anyway, remember that you  must change it with each meal and never leave it with dirty buttocks .

Should baby be changed overnight?

Do not force yourself to get up at night and wake up baby to change his diaper. If it is embarrassed, baby will manifest it by crying.

In addition, you can take advantage of feeding or feeding at night to check the state of the diaper , and if necessary change it

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