The ideal baby bathroom

What baby products to use when changing? How to bathe it without risk? Discover advice tailored to the well-being and safety of toddlers.


  1. The safety rules of the changing table
  2. Toiletries
  3. What soap and shampoo to use?
  4. The towel to warm baby
  5. Safety rules when bathing

The safety rules of the changing table

Above all,  NEVER move away from the changing table and always keep one hand on your child, a fall has come so quickly … Remember to place all the necessary toiletries and change within reach beforehand install baby.

To choose your changing table, check the  words “Complies with safety requirements”  (compulsory on the article or on its packaging) and / or compliance with  European standard NF EN 12 221-1 + A1 .

Then, favor a practical model, easy to use and easy to clean . The ideal is also to choose a  changing table model with storage (which allows you to have all the accessories close at hand).

Finally, think about baby’s safety : check  the solidity, the stability and the locking device  of the changing table. In all cases, always place the table against a wall , to reduce the risk of the baby falling.


Use a glove or cotton wool moistened with lukewarm water, soaked in a little mild soap . Otherwise, in case of displacement for example, you can  use wipes , preferably without perfume, to avoid any risk of skin allergy. Other products can be used such as the oleo-limestone liniment or toilet milk (to rinse). 

After cleaning the baby’s bottom , you can use a diaper cream that will protect against irritation. On the other hand,  the use of talc is not recommended , as it may macerate in the folds.

What soap and shampoo to use?

The 2-in-1 gel for babies is often the most practical , it can cleanse the skin and hair. You can also opt for dermatological soaps . For the hair, choose a mild shampoo , especially to remove the scabs of milk .

In general, prefer bath products  paraben, fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, no essential oils ..

The towel to warm baby

At the exit of the bath, immediately roll baby in a towel so that it does not take cold. Then dry it thoroughly, being careful to dry the folds well, to avoid problems of skin irritation.

Safety rules when bathing

First, make sure  the temperature of the bath is around 22 to 23 ° C . The temperature of bath water  should not exceed 37 ° C .

Prefer bath items adapted to the morphology and stage of development of your child (baby bath, deckchair or “bath seat”, bath ring).

Above all, NEVER leave your child alone in his bath , even if he is sitting or if he is already 2 or 3 years old. If for any reason you absolutely have to leave the bathroom, wrap your baby in a towel, and take him with you.

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