What you need to know before buying a dispenser

The dispensers are already common in our daily lives today all people who seek savings in the distribution of paper and soaps just looking for this type of product. They are very versatile and easily found in public bathrooms, restaurants, shopping malls and even in many people’s homes.

They are usually installed in bathrooms, however, they can also be installed in kitchens, barbecues and hallways. Facilitating hygiene and economy.

In this post we will explain the use and benefits of each dispenser model. Remembering that before buying it is necessary to measure the place where it will be, to understand the space available for the installation of these objects.

Cup dispenser 

There are several models on the market, from the traditional ones, where it is necessary to pull the glasses, generating a greater expense, as many times more than one glass comes out at a time. Even the most modern ones, where with a simple click on the button they release only one glass. As a result, they are called cup saver , as they end up generating greater savings.

When purchasing this type of dispenser, pay attention to the tubes, see if they have no seams and if they are rigid, which end up making it difficult to break and generating greater durability. In addition to the finish, of course.

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Trash can for glasses 

Many companies still use common waste bins in place of cup bins (which compact cups correctly and consequently reduce waste with garbage bags). In addition to the lack of perception, this choice can also be due to the fact that many glass bins on the market impose a certain limitation on customers (since their needs may vary between 1 or 2 water tubes, 1 coffee tube, 1 tube of water and another of coffee and so on), and many still look like simple tubes of construction material stuck in a plastic base.

Thinking about it, choose to buy a more modern trash can , with tubes in high quality materials, that allows the removal and placement of tubes according to the need of the moment and that preferably has a protection that avoids scratches when handling cups.

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Reel paper dispensers

If you are looking for a more economical option, dispensers that work with bobbin paper are the most effective. The paper roll, usually 200 m long, lasts much longer, in addition to having greater control of the paper output than the interleaved dispensers. They are indicated for places with a greater flow of people, since the reel paper can serve everyone without needing to be changed frequently. When buying a paper reel, it is important to know if its circumference is compatible with the dispenser. Reels with larger circumferences than the standard dispenser can lock the device, damaging it, in addition to the excessive use of paper, since it will be difficult to use.

We usually find three models of reel paper dispensers, the self-cutting, lever and the automatic sensor dispensers.

  1. Auto cut dispenser

The self-cutting dispensers have a toothed blade that automatically cuts the paper, making it possible to remove one paper at a time, offering greater ease to the user. The leaves are on average 25 cm and are great for savings. They don’t need batteries or electricity.


  1. Lever dispenser for paper towels

These dispensers operate by means of a lever and distribute the paper in a simpler way. Pressing the lever and cutting according to the person’s need, making it possible to choose the paper size. They also have a blade for cutting and are suitable for coils up to 200 m. They also don’t need batteries or electricity.


  1. Sensor dispenser

These are the most modern dispensers. They need the use of energy, because they work in an automated way, just pass your hand in front of the sensor to remove the paper. They operate on 110 V and 220 V and are suitable for coils up to 200 m.

The advantages of this product are the fact that it is extremely comfortable. The paper comes out automatically, it is possible to adjust the paper size and length, in addition to having an indicator light that indicates the lack of paper.

Inter-sheet paper towel holder

This is the most popular among dispensers, mainly for practicality and low cost. Provides one sheet at a time and are removed as needed. They are extremely practical and offer an excellent cost-benefit to the consumer. They meet the need for kitchens and bathrooms very well, and are ideal to be installed next to barbecue grills.

Roll toilet paper dispenser

Roll toilet paper dispensers work with specific rolls of paper that are placed inside the dispenser . Rolls of 200, 300 and up to 500 m can be found.

As the rollers are large and close to the economy of the dispenser, it is very common for a roll to last a long time, not needing to be placed a new one every day. Of course, it depends on the product usage flow. Preferably choose dispensers with an independent rolling system, which facilitate paper removal. As the roll is very heavy, the paper after its removal may be perforated, the independent bearing prevents this from happening.

Toilet paper holder

Unlike rollers, it works similarly to the inter-sheet dispenser, making the user available one sheet at a time, without the need for cutting.

They are indicated for places that do not have as much space, as the dispenser is much smaller than the roll paper.

Dispenser for soap or alcohol gel

This is the most traditional dispenser for personal hand hygiene. He has the availability to work with liquid soap or foam, in addition to alcohol gel. It is extremely common to see beside sinks or at the entrance to establishments.

Usually it has a compact design and works with just one key, placing your hand on the bottom and pressing. So, making a reasonable amount available for hand washing, if a larger amount is needed just press it again.

The choice between the foam or liquid option should be made according to the demand, in cases of high flow, choose the liquid soap, for lesser movements.

Soap dish tank

Many soap dishes do not come with a reservoir, giving the user the option to buy the bag without the reservoir, or vice versa.

These are used to replace soap inside the dispenser , they work with a simple lid that opens and closes and it is possible to use soap (foam or liquid) and alcohol gel.

They can generate great savings, since it is possible to replace the reservoir by buying soap in separate cans and replacing it manually.

Napkin Dispenser

The napkin dispensers are extremely simple, they work with the interleaved leaf mechanism, removing one napkin at a time. We find many of these in bars, cafeterias and bakeries, have a cheap cost and save a lot of paper.

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Important Tips

  1. Closing options

These products are opened and closed using a key, or a side button that opens the device. Opt for those that have both options.

Dispensers that have only the side button do not offer security, as they can be opened by anyone, and those that come with only the option of the key can become a problem if you lose it.

With the dispensers that offer both options you can close with the key and if you lose it, you can open it by the side button.

  1. Spare parts

Buy your dispensers from companies that offer replacement parts easily, so that you can exchange or maintain your product as quickly as possible.

  1. Quality and durability

When purchasing these products, look for brands that offer great quality and durability. So you can buy them and not have to worry about changing them soon. Quality dispensers last for years.


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