Discover apps that can increase your productivity

ncreasing productivity at work is everyone’s goal today. With social networks and the constant notifications received, we are increasingly dispersed.

In another text, we show the 10 commandments to increase your productivity , you can access it by clicking  here . In this post, we’ll show you apps that can help you get organized and stay more focused on your work routine. Applications are increasingly included in modern society and can help you in a way that you can’t even imagine.

·                                 Visit schedule and control


Are you tired of writing everything down on the notepad? Or those famous post-its that you stick on your desk and after a while you don’t even know where you are anymore? The Evernote can help you! It is one of the most popular applications for those who need to increase their productivity, starting with the organization.

It works like a digital agenda. There you can take notes, save photos, scan documents and archive audios, cataloging everything you need. The application works in an agile and efficient way but it is very important that you keep it up to date so that it really operates in its perfection.

One of the most useful features is your search. If you have trouble with the mess, know that Evernote has sharp research. It can even search within PDF’s and has priority for optical image recognition for customers with premium accounts .

Speaking of premium account , know that the app is free, but it also has a paid version that offers more features and you can even sync it with Google Calendar . In addition to optical recognition, the biggest advantage of the paid version (which costs 5 dollars a month) is the monthly limit of 1 Gb of uploads, while the free version offers only 60 Mb per month.

The Evernote is available on the platforms Android and IOS .



Have you ever imagined a tool to organize the company’s commercial area? Then you need to know Agendor ! No more worrying about keeping your files out of date or losing information, as your sales funnel or pipeline will now be available in a cloud. You can also define your sales process, parameterizing the steps, adapting Agendor to your company’s process. In addition, the panel can be easily shown at meetings.

In it you can also prospect customers, making everyone on your team receive reminders of scheduled visits and appointments, both by email and apps. That way, you will no longer miss scheduled visits and day-to-day tasks, such as returning an email, sending a quote, or a business presentation.

Another amazing feature is the fact that you can see all your customers on the map of your cell phone and trace routes synchronizing with Waze itself , optimizing your time and creating sales strategies.

The Agendor is available on the platforms Android and IOS .


Crm Base

Locate your sales with this application. The CRM Base is a sales tracking app. It streamlines your contacts in a simple and mobile workflow, making your business easier.

There you can manage your contacts, track your transactions, record your calls and organize sales strategies by downloading spreadsheets in Excel with the customers’ addresses, tracing routes synchronized with Waze to formulate the best possible visits to customers. All of this on your mobile device or tablet. Then, you can watch how all your changes are instantly synchronized with the Base CRM web app on . Information that can be opened in meetings and anywhere you are.

The application is available for Android and is free. In the web version, Base CRM is available from $ 45 a month.

·                                 Your phone on your computer


Are you having trouble managing the use of your computer with your cell phone? Are you worried about your computer and suddenly need to pick up your smartphone to receive important information? Know that with AirDroid you no longer have to worry about your mobile device. It simply “throws” your cell phone into the computer. That’s right! All functionality can be done by the computer through this app. Have your smartphone on your computer and save time by not having to share each other.

The AirDroid is available for Android and IOS .

·                                 Time optimization and task management


The Trello is here to save you from the task spreadsheets! This application can help you or your company to organize itself in the best way. It provides a task management and scheduling system, assigning each daily, weekly or monthly task to each employee. One of Trello’s differentials is that it is very visual, as it has a simple interface and lists with deadlines are easy to find. But make no mistake if you think it only works in the business environment, Trello can be used to organize your daily tasks.

The Trello is available on all platforms.

Get Sh * t Done

Need to beat procrastination? The Get Sh * t Done can help you. He uses motivational phrases and some very funny ones. All this to motivate you and also to “charge” you for your deadlines. Procrastination is a big problem for new generations and this application can help you finish your projects within your goal.

The application is available on the Android platform and is only available in English, but the developers are already working on a Portuguese version and also on other platforms.

Toggl Time Tracker

You shouldn’t even imagine how much time you spend on your daily activities. If we start to time the time we spend on our routine activities, we can generate statistics that can help us organize our daily tasks more efficiently.

The Toggl Time Tracker does just that! It provides a wide variety of activities in which you can enter the time you spend on each of them, such as sleep time, time spent on physical activities, work period, among others. With all this information, it is possible to generate graphs that demonstrate your performance, enabling an analysis of what energy is consumed and too much time in your daily activities.

The application is available on Android and IOS platforms .

·                                 Scanning in the palm of your hand


Scanning documents has become much easier! With CamScanner , you have an application that works like a scanner on your smartphone. In it, you can scan any type of document, such as notes, study sheets, invoices, receipts, etc.

It allows you to save everything in PDF. Another quality is that the application has its own cloud service, making your scans available on any mobile device, in addition, another great tool is to make it possible to add notes and tags to documents to facilitate the search and organization.

The application is free and available on all platforms.

·                                 Employee expenses


This application was created for those who travel or have employees in the company who perform this function. With Expensify , you can make expense reports in an extremely practical way. Take pictures of your receipts and then you can throw them away. The Expensify system will automatically scan the image and fill in the details, such as quantity, company name, among other things. Thus, the application generates an expense report automatically and allows you to have a much more consistent organization.

The Expensify is available for Android and IOS .

·                                 Finance control

QuickBooks ZeroPaper

Having trouble managing your business when you’re not in front of the computer? The QuickBooks ZeroPaper is an option for those who need to care for and manage the finances of wherever you are. Just enter your company’s financial information and follow the cash flow whenever and wherever you want, making relevant decisions quickly. In addition, there is no need to worry about the security of your data, as all information is protected by SSL data encryption, the same technology used by banks.

The QuickBooks ZeroPaper is free and allows complete control of cash flow, generating reports and alerts on the financial performance of the business. It also has a premium version , which offers paid features such as boleto issuance, multiple users and bank accounts, all from R $ 19.90 per month.

The application is available on all digital platforms.

·                                 Online meetings


Meetings are part of the business routine, the problem is that it is not always possible to bring everyone together in the same place. The GoToMeeting has come to solve this problem. With it, you can organize meetings wherever you are. The audio and video quality is good, as long as you have a good connection.

This application is available for Android and IOS .


The also allows you to make free video conferencing, online, without the need to download or install programs. To use the alternative, just have a computer connected to the internet and a webcam with microphone.

You make calls from your computer in an extremely simple way.

The is compatible with Chrome , Firefox and Operabrowsers.

Google Hangouts

The Google Hangouts provides the user with a chat via text, audio or video, in addition to sharing images. Using the name of Google ‘s own video chat tool .

One is to use precisely this attractive of the social network, group video hangouts, for up to ten people. In addition, it is compatible with both computers and smartphones, creating a multiplatform messaging service. All in sync with a Google account , which can be the same that the user uses to access Gmail .

It is available on Android , IOS , Google Chrome and Outlook platforms .

If you think that any application that you think is essential to increase your productivity was left out of the list, leave a comment, suggesting the application (s) that most help you to organize.


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