What to do when the volume bar does not appear in Windows?

When we use the computer sometimes we need to listen to an audio or video and Windows 10 allows us to control the volume. This instrument is usually located in the toolbar. But what if it doesn’t show up? Here we will show you what you can do.

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  1. For what reasons can there be a problem with the audio volume in Windows?
    1. Adjustments on the volume bar
    2. driver problem
    3. audio compatibility
  2. How to fix audio problem in Windows 8 and 10?
    1. Entering the control panel
    2. In the sound settings
  3. Why does the Windows volume bar still not appear?

For what reasons can there be a problem with the audio volume in Windows?

There are many reasons why the volume icon on the taskbar can be inconvenient. One of them may be that the audio driver is already outdated, the audio settings are not configured correctly, or the Windows updates and drivers are not installed.

It may also turn out that restarting the computer will solve some sound problems. Although restarting your computer may seem like a small thing, you might be surprised how it can fix some internal issues.

Adjustments on the volume bar

One of the reasons why the volume bar is out of adjustment is because a software update was not carried out correctly, that has a direct effect on the volume that prevents us from lowering or raising it to our liking. For this, some reboot the machine to refresh some tasks.

driver problem

If the message that there are problems with the generic audio driver appears on our computer , this means that your computer is having problems with the audio or sound system. To fix it, make sure to install the newest drivers or update the driver in the menu. Then check if this clears the fault.

audio compatibility

When there are big updates to the Windows operating system, the most common problems are related to audio, which prevents you from watching videos or listening to the music you have saved . One of the things you should check is the audio compatibility of your equipment so you can determine if this is the fault that is affecting you.

How to fix audio problem in Windows 8 and 10?

Windows 10 audio difficulties are centralized in the system. These options allow us to modify the speakers, the microphone of the computer and the general volume, for which we have different ways to solve the problem .

First, we must verify that the system has the updates up to date. Second, try the troubleshooter. Third, check the sound settings . Also, you can try uninstalling the sound driver and installing it again.

Entering the control panel

To solve the problem we have several options. One can be from the Control Panel , for this we go to the beginning and we can write or locate control panel. There we choose the troubleshooter and click on Hardware and Sound.

A window will open with different options, in audio playback we right click on run as administrator. We wait a moment to click next and let the same system detect the problem and tell us that we must deactivate or activate.

In the sound settings

Another way to fix is ​​in Sound Settings . First, look for settings on the start icon and click on System.

In the window that opens, the sound option appears and you will choose the output device. In the next window there are several options that can help you, among them: speakers, troubleshooter . In other options, there is also the app volume, where you can adjust the overall volume.

Why does the Windows volume bar still not appear?

If after doing everything that we have mentioned you can not get the volume bar to appear , you can do the following: in a blank space on the taskbar, right-click, a window will appear with the Properties option.

Customize the Taskbar in the Notification Area. By pressing this, a new window will appear where we click on Activate or deactivate system icons. In the menu that will appear, choose the Volume icon and verify that it is activated.

Finally, click OK and check that the volume appears in the taskbar . If the problem still persists, you can contact Windows technical support


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