What to do when my PC local disk partition does not appear

The computer turns on and everything seems normal until you go into file explorer and discover that your local drive is not there. What happened? The hard drive partition suffered an error. What to do when the local disk partition of my PC does not appear?

Learn how to clean a partition on your hard drive in order to fix any problems with the system . Although first you must find out the capacity of your disk . Even if you don’t have much experience, you will be able to fix the error.

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  1. Why is there no local disk partition showing up on your computer?
  2. How to make the local disk partition appear on your PC?
    1. Verify that the disk is partitioned
    2. Install the controller drivers
    3. Use disk management
  3. What to do if your computer still can’t recognize the local drive?

Why is there no local disk partition showing up on your computer?

If your PC doesn’t recognize your drive, it’s likely a system crash . Storage devices employ various formats. The operating system needs the disk to have one that is allocated with the intent to read it.

There are other causes that can cause problems, such as migrating from a local disk to another operating system . If you used the compact on a macOS computer and now put it on a Windows PC, the system will not recognize it. This particular problem is distinguished by the lack of letter assignment in the file explorer.

Windows gives all drives a label mode character in their management. When a disk has an incompatible facet (such as the macOS format), the system is unable to give it one.

Even more rare is that the disk does not have a certain partition . When configuring the computer, it is common to divide the disk space into several sections. Placing them in different virtual drives. These are essential to delimit the size of each unit.

In the case of new disks, the problem is because it looks empty. Before operating with PC, the drive needs to be configured. Until it is formatted, the system will not be able to recognize and make use of that drive.

How to make the local disk partition appear on your PC?

The source of the problem is in the configuration. Therefore, it is fixed by applying the correct settings.  Depending on what the specific cause of the error is, a different procedure must be followed.

Information can be retrieved. In others, formatting will lose everything that was copied. The outcome will depend on your being able to detect the root of the problem.

Verify that the disk is partitioned

Partitions are important. It is feasible to see them from your hard drive by consulting the labels by letter . Even if a single disk is installed, there should be one or more partitions.

Check it out, go to ‘This PC’ and look at the drive symbol. The letter that identifies your local drive is ‘(C:)’. When other partitions exist, the alphabetical sequence is followed .

If any of them look translucent, have no font, or their status isn’t showing, there’s a problem with it. In such a case, you have to right click to start the ‘Format’ process . With this tool, it is worth executing a quick format, another more drastic option is  to delete the partitions of your hard drive .

Install the controller drivers

Drivers are programs that serve as a bridge between a physical component and the operating system . You have to update them from each peripheral. Windows Update is usually able to download the correct drivers automatically .

Use disk management

A handy method that produces good results with anything is ‘Disk Management’. Open this utility by going into the file explorer and clicking on ‘This PC’ in the left column.

What to do if your computer still can’t recognize the local drive?

Whether your team appears on the official page or not. You should know that when none of the methods manages to calm the situation, it is necessary to check if the unit was properly connected to the power input and the motherboard. If the connection is ok, it may have a mechanical problem.

At this point, you have to turn to a professional . If the drive is new or under warranty, you can call the store where you bought it or the manufacturer’s customer service.


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