What to do if online payment does not work in OrdersYa

Home or delivery orders in many cases are the ideal solution to solve certain needs without leaving our home . Several companies in the past have opted for this type of sales and they did not do anything bad in this area. Companies of this nature were expanding in many cities, being a very novel idea in accelerated rhythms of life.

In these times of pandemic where we are recommended to stay in our homes, this option fits like a glove . Suppose we are working from home via the Internet, we order a lunch or dinner because we do not have enough time. Or we have not been able to go out to buy at the market and we have nothing to eat, we urgently need a plate.

And many other circumstances that may arise, home orders are undoubtedly a solution. “Orders Now” is an App that allows us to place orders from the comfort of our home in a simple way.

Number of businesses have joined this application Orders Now , in recent times due to the decline in their sales. And thanks to this decision they have managed to increase their client portfolio and stay in the market with great success.

The payment methods for this service are generally online with the numbers of our bank card or cash. But currently users have been expressing complaints when canceling their orders under this online mode offered.


When entering the card details, a notice appears informing that the corresponding payment could not be processed. The notice is as follows: ” the payment could not be processed Orders Now “, this after having placed the order. But for your peace of mind, this problem has a solution, and it requires you to discard two probabilities before confirming the true cause.

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  1. What does the message mean: Could not process the OrdersYa payment?
  2. What are the main reasons why online payments do not work?
  3. Possible alternatives for not being able to pay online
  4. What can I do if the platform does not allow me to pay online?
  5. Does OrdersAlready allow debit card payments?

What does the message mean: Could not process the OrdersYa payment?

As indicated, the error ‘The payment could not be processed’ indicates that there was a problem when trying to make the payment of your order. There are various causes for this problem , but fortunately most of them are very easy to solve.

What are the main reasons why online payments do not work?

The first reason may be: that the card you are adding does not have sufficient funds to cover the order made. In this case, the user is suggested to try another card or call to check the account balance.

If this option is discarded, it may be because the bank with which we intend to make the payment has a payment market blocked . This happens when the bank is not authorized to carry out this type of transaction, the purchase cannot be made. The solution for this is to consult with a bank executive

And if it is not due to this last reason, then the problem lies in the “Orders Now” platform for updating. It is an update of its payment system that, according to a spokesperson for the firm, causes problems of this nature. This error can be at certain times of the day , which means that the process can be successful at times.

But clients in their complaints allege that the inconvenience caused is mainly by wasting their time in the process. For this reason, it is necessary to inform the users of this application of the setbacks presented and the alternatives to face them.

Clearly those indicated are not the only reasons why a payment cannot be processed. For example, another very common is that a failure in the Internet is the cause that the payment could not be made successfully. In turn, there is the possibility that the bank’s services are not working or have problems. Regardless of the cause, in most cases the issue of payments is easily resolved and is temporary.


Possible alternatives for not being able to pay online

While this is happening there are alternatives for the use of this service, and one of them can be payment in cash. The dealer will have change to give back and thus settle the debt acquired without any inconvenience at the time of delivery. Another way is making use of the discount coupons , to be able to cancel the order.

Another alternative is for the delivery person to bring a portable point of sale to the home to pay for the order. Prior to this, restaurants that accept a cash on delivery card must be chosen, so the customer must be aware of this option. Either of these two modalities or both will be available to the buyer when placing the requested order.

In addition, this problem will not last forever, “Orders Now” strives to provide a solution in the shortest possible time. And thus achieve to recover its initial objective, to be the most used application to order food at home.

What can I do if the platform does not allow me to pay online?

The first thing is to analyze everything previously mentioned , that is: verify your funds, check that the bank is adequate and is working well, that the Orders platform is already active and of course, that your Internet works.

If after doing all the previous checks you do not find the solution, then you should contact the OrdersYa customer service center. It is possible that some information in your account is causing conflicts when making the payment , something that can only be solved by a company employee.

Does OrdersAlready allow debit card payments?

Most services of this type only accept credit cards to make payments. However, keep in mind that OrdersYa works in several nations, so this could vary depending on where you are. But don’t worry, the payment methods for your nation will be displayed when you place your orders for the first time .

On the other hand, if you have problems when paying, it is best to contact the customer service center directly .

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