What to do if Instagram stories do not load completely?

Instagram being a very recognized and used platform worldwide , you can think that it is free of errors and problems related to its use and development. You should know that this is not the case, it should be noted that despite the fact that it has an interface almost without any problem, it may happen that the photos are not loaded due to errors in the system, a crash in the platform due to protection, security and connectivity.

What to Do if Instagram Stories Not Loading Completely? – Solution

It usually happens that when you enter Instagram to edit a story or simply to upload a new one, we come across the annoying problem that it cannot finish loading, so it will show you the option that you can try again by doing this type of tedious process.  

But that attempt is in vain as you can do it many more times and the upload will not complete. Well, if this is your case, I invite you to continue reading this article where we bring you a lot of valuable information on this subject, what are the possible problems and various solutions.

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  1. Why does Instagram have problems with its stories and do they stay in a spinning circle?
    1. Internet connection failure
  2. Can Instagram block an account’s stories for enough spam?
  3. How to make your Instagram stories load without problem?
    1. Restart the app
    2. Clear app cache
    3. update instagram

Why does Instagram have problems with its stories and do they stay in a spinning circle?

It is very common for Instagram stories to have this type of loading problem, since it is one of the most used options that the App offers in recent times and no matter how many users have these problems.

Try to load the story you want to upload, it is not possible, so they look for a way to find out what the problem is in order to fix it and among some the first is that it is possible that your internet connection is not stable.

Internet connection failure

In this case, we can try several ways , the first would be to go to the menu of our phone, then we go to where it says mobile data or data usage, we deactivate them and activate them again, the second way is to go to the Wi-Fi option and we proceed to do the same, we deactivate it and activate it.

It is also necessary to check if there is a drop in the internet signal that we use, that is, it can be intermittent (it goes and comes back). Another option is to try restarting the modem or router and in this way we can fix the situation or simply rule out that this is the problem.

It may be because your phone has expired the rent of your data plan and therefore you do not have internet (these small details must be checked) and well, if it is not due to an internet connection failure, perhaps it could be some problem for which the Instagram platform is happening at that moment or some internal error that is happening with your mobile.

Can Instagram block an account’s stories for enough spam?

To begin with, you should know that Spam is considered intrusive advertising that invades people’s space on their social networks, for this reason, they have been introducing a lot of Spam through Instagram stories.

Its use is becoming more and more common, for the majority of users who want to further increase the number of followers and thus become famous on social networks and, for this reason, what they do is make their page public and everyone can come in and see your photos, videos and stories.

Just as any stranger goes and comments on a photo for you to continue ‘ doing the famous Spam’  , it also happens with the stories that we upload to Instagram , anyone can enter and see it or react to it, so we seek to report the account as Spam and if it happens with many other pages that go and clearly report it Instagram will take action and block that account.

While you don’t need to change your account’s privacy settings to upload a story, you simply need to delete the story you’re trying to upload , exit the app, and log back in, waiting a few minutes before trying to upload the story again.

How to make your Instagram stories load without problem?

It usually happens that when uploading our stories on Instagram the app will stay loading, as if it were thinking, so our first action is to log out of our Instagram account, but even so it won’t let us do it because we want to upload the story .

Restart the app

If you need to do it, you should know that one of the ways to be able to restart the Instagram App is to forcefully close it, since it will make it stop and restart so that it works normally again.

We go to settings or phone configuration, we look for the applications option, then the option to manage applications will appear and we look for Instagram, there we will look for force stop and we accept.

Clear app cache

We go to the phone menu, then we look for the settings or configuration option, followed by applications where all the Apps that we have downloaded on the phone will appear, we are going to look for the Instagram application and we are going to select it and proceed to go where it says storage and then press where it says clear cache.

The cache is a type of storage in which most applications save temporary files, so when you delete it from the application it will remain as newly installed,

update instagram

Possibly it is also that the App is not updated and for that we only have to go to the application called play store , in the search engine that is at the top of the screen place Instagram to search and if the update button appears next to it, it is because we must proceed to do it and once updated the problem will have been solved.

Most of the problems and those that the app almost never warns us about, is usually due to not updating the application of this social network , for that reason you should always check if there are new updates.


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