What to do if my Samsung stays at the logo and does not load?

Sometimes, it happens that when you turn on the Samsung phone, the logo stays. For this there are several options that help get out of trouble. At first, it might be thought that specialized technical service is required. The truth is, this is a common incident in most smartphones. For this reason, many are annoyed or distressed by not knowing why their Samsung does not turn on. In this article you will know what to do if the Samsung keeps the logo stuck.

Samsung mobile stays in the logo What do we do?

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  1. Why does my Samsung phone not boot up and stuck on the logo?
    1. system saturation
    2. Memory loss
    3. Errors in the updates
    4. malicious applications
    5. Presence of malware or computer virus
  2. How to fix my Samsung turns on but won’t boot?
    1. Recovery mode and the wipe
    2. Use safe mode
    3. Recovery from a hard reset

Why does my Samsung phone not boot up and stuck on the logo?

Sometimes problems with phones have practical solutions, especially if it is an Android, since its operating system is simpler. If you experience a difficulty with one of these devices, it is best to find the source. When a smartphone turns on but won’t boot up or is stuck on the logo or turned off, the battery may not be charged .

On the other hand, yes, the phone turns on and doesn’t get past the Samsung logo . The failure could appear to be hardware, because sometimes to other users the power button is stuck internally on the switch. This is solved by pressing it several times, however, if this mode does not work, other options can be used.

system saturation

If you have already ruled out that the origin of the failure in the Android is due to a problem in the hardware, then you have to concentrate on the software. The reason is that most of the errors in smartphones are generated there. One of them is the saturation of the system. This occurs when the device fills up with information, cluttering the cache.

It is evident that this affects the performance of the mobile battery. This complication also occurs in other equipment such as computers. The devices are running out of space to work with and start to show some errors . The most obvious is when the Samsung stays at the logo and does not start.

Memory loss

It is normal for mobile phone companies to improve the hardware and software of their equipment, in order to offer a quality service. However, this influences the devices that are already in people’s hands, since they are becoming outdated.

Therefore, there comes a point where the memory is easily filled and its operation is compromised. That causes the mobile to turn on, the Samsung stays in the logo and does not start. Before that, it is necessary to empty to memory . Settings include deleting images or videos, apps that are no longer used, and cache.

Thus, you can give the Android a little space so that it does not get stuck when it turns on, since it turns on, but does not start or stays off. . If most of the information you need to keep, you can move it to a computer or the cloud. In this way, mobile is not saturated and you do not have to lose multimedia files or applications.

Errors in the updates

Mobile phone companies make an update to their system from time to time, both on Android and on computers. The purpose is to provide the best tools to its customers. This includes the most recent changes to the apps. However, these details will not be effective if you do not have a good Internet network. 

So, it is normal that you may have errors with the update. The first evidence is when the Samsung is pressed and it stays in the logo. If the mobile developer options have been activated, it will allow us to detect and solve some errors . With this, you can also unintentionally delete things that you think are not necessary.

Therefore, it is better to investigate before acting. Also, you should make sure you have a good internet when you have an update. With that you will prevent the Samsung from getting stuck in the logo, staying off or turning on but not starting.

malicious applications

Following the style of malware, malicious applications enter various types of technological equipment without your permission. These are usually hidden in files or programs that you are going to install through the Internet. It secretly records your browsing data, passwords, credit card details and credentials. register.

The people behind these apps are trying to get your money or scam others with your identity. Depending on the case, they take control of your computer without the mobile telephony being able to do anything. Therefore, if necessary, they will damage the software and you will see that the Android does not boot or is stuck on the logo. In other cases, even if you try, the phone will stay off.

If you don’t want Samsung to stay on logo or turn on but won’t boot up, then avoid downloading apps from unknown sources. These are characterized by being APKs or MODs that offer better details than the original versions. What they do not count is that by allowing their download the user is put in danger.

Presence of malware or computer virus

Computer viruses are software developed with the intention of entering a device, without the owner’s consent. This is intended to damage the system or steal the owner’s data. These programs can enter your mobile in various ways. One of them is through SMS messages, by opening an anonymous URL or when you download from unknown sources.

If the malware has the goal of damaging the system, your phone will stay off . There are those who can only visualize the logo and remain stuck there. Others turn on but won’t start. These various errors are clear symptoms that the operating system is compromised by a virus. Therefore, if you find yourself in that situation, we invite you to see some solutions.

How to fix my Samsung turns on but won’t boot?

The wide variety of Samsung mobile devices have different options for when the logo is stuck on the screen. The first step to take is to remove the battery for a few minutes and put it back . Depending on what you want to do with your computer, the next steps may vary.

Although that implies that you lose a lot of valuable information. However, you should consider that this will resolve your Samsung stuck at the logo and won’t boot up or stays off.

Recovery mode and the wipe

This solution allows you to access your device through the recovery mode, with it you will recover the operating system. For this, the wipe will erase the data from the cache memory and recover the mobile until it starts normally. First, press the ‘Home’ button at the same time as the ‘Power’ and ‘ Volume Up’ keys .

Waiting a few seconds, the screen will turn on and a vibration will be observed. Immediately, you should release the ‘Power’ button and keep the ‘Home’ and ‘volume up ‘ pressed down for a few seconds. At that moment you will see the Samsung logo and the image of the “recovery” menu.

Enter must be given with the “Power” button. This touches the ‘ data factory reset’ option . Then press the ‘yes  tab , to delete the data from the phone. Next, we proceed to choose the wipe cache partition option from the menu. Then go back to reboot system now. Thus, the logo will not stay stuck but will start working.

Use safe mode

When a Samsung won’t boot up, stays off or stays in logo you can use safe mode. To avail yourself of this resource, press the key that turns on the mobile, until the logo appears. Release the Power and press the Volume Down button, so that it boots up. You can leave it, when you see: « Safe mode » in the bottom corner . In the event that this does not work, remove the battery for a few minutes and repeat the procedure.

Recovery from a hard reset

The most used way to reset an Android is to factory reset it. It is obvious that the loss of unsupported information is certain. But with that, if the phone won’t boot because of some app or virus, it will be removed. Once the device is formatted, you can restore the backup.

This option basically cleans the mobile. In other words, it erases all the computer data of the device, which is stored in its internal memory. That is why data backup is always recommended, in addition to the adoption of a microSD card.

Wipe is an option that rescues the software. It is the way used after flashing a mobile and then entering the recovery mode, thus opening options that allow you to take care of personal content on the mobile, while others erase everything.

Flashing a computer changes the internal software, not to be confused with jailbreaking. Flashing is done, either to install the same version or another. It also helps to solve an issue like when Samsung gets stuck on its logo .

Remember that if a mobile does not boot, stays off or stays in the logo, you need to take bigger actions than just restarting it. If you do not feel sure of what you are going to do, advise you on how to solve the problem that your mobile does not turn on.


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