Last Day on Earth: Survival – what to do if the game does not load

Detailed instructions that will fix the error when loading Last Day on Earth: Survival

For many players, Last Day On Earth: Survival stops at the loading screen. Here’s what to do to deal with this situation.

Despite the fact that the game became a real hit for mobile devices, it still looks damp from a technical point of view, which leads to numerous errors, problems and crashes. One of the most common problems for gamers is freezing at the loading screen or after the loading bar appears.

Step 1 – check the latest updates for Last Day On Earth: Survival

I do not like to repeat this over and over again, but I have to – many players forget that automatic application updates are not always installed on their smartphones, and the new update for Last Day On Earth: Survival could have been missed. Updates appear quite often in the game, so make sure you are running the current version of LDoE. It can really save your nerves.

Act 2 – visit the official Facebook page of Last Day On Earth: Survival

As an Early Access game, server maintenance is quite common in Last Day On Earth: Survival . This means that if you play often, you will often find yourself in such maintenance work. Then you really won’t be able to load the game!

Check the official developers page on Facebook, as it always talks about carrying out some technical work.

Step 3 – disable and re-enable the internet

Now that you’ve tried both methods, you can try reconnecting your internet connection. While the game is running, open your smartphone’s settings and disconnect it from Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Wait a few seconds and then reconnect the internet. Return to the game, wait a few more seconds for the connection to the server to be restored. The loading scale should start moving again. If not, then try another powerful method described below.

Note. Try to run the game both with a mobile Internet or simply from a Wi-Fi network at home, with a friend or in some cafe. Perhaps the problem is with your ISP or router.

Step 4 – Enter Game Center or Google Play Games

Another way to troubleshoot Last Day On Earth: Survival download issues is to sign in to Game Center (for iOS) or Google Play Games (for Android). While the game is running, minimize it and enter one of the indicated servers, depending on which OS your smartphone is running on. Log in with your username and then return to the game. After a few seconds, the loading scale will continue to move.

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