1. Love should be the most powerful impulse that exists in the human being. Plato said that heaven was moved by love defending as a type of need between the beautiful and the good, and that he seeks above all happiness as a goal.
  2. By loving we long for logical cohesion, the desiring unitive impulse, the interpretation of the two wills. As Nietzsche said “There is always something crazy about love. But there is also some reason in insanity.
  3. Love is neither the joy that comes from discovering the desired object, nor the sadness of not being able to bear its absence, it is much more. Julian Barnes says he straightens our spine, which polarizes the vital feeling in a unique way so that without love nothing is worth living.
  4. 3- Fatuous love: it is based on the mixture of commitment and passion. This type of love is expressed when we dedicate enough effort to offer the best image of ourselves in the eyes of the other person.
  5. 2- companion love: it is based on the combination of the elements of intimacy and commitment. It is a love whose ambition is concern for the happiness and well-being of the other.
  6. 1- romantic love: it is constituted from the combination of intimacy and passion. The recurring example of this type of love can be found in literature such as Romeo and Juliet.
  7. There are different types of love:
  8. Love gives meaning to our life from the first minute we arrive in the world. We could say that love encompasses everything, since it is evident that love moves the life of all people.
  9. There are many other feelings in life, such as affection, emotion, and anger. However, really the feeling that unifies so many emotions, that ends up being vital for us is love.
  10. Rivers and rivers of ink have been written about love, only a couple’s love or a few platonic love, if that love is generalized to the love that we can feel, the number of writings multiplies exponentially.
  11. 4º) Love is a strange miracle that when it arrives, always unexpectedly, it pushes us to breathe differently, it opens us to the unusual world of sharing our own life, it softens us, it makes us awaken our torpor.
  12. 3rd) Love is both about social relationships. In order to belong to love, you have to learn to respect it.
  13. 2nd) Love is something that looks alike, that invades us, that imposes itself, and against which you can hardly resist.
  14. 1º) It is the scheme of an orientation of the person towards something or someone that awakens attention. The awakening of love is an initial dazzlement, a polarization of attention that when highlighting the love, magic, unique and desirable object, seems to blur everything else.
  15. GROUP OPINION According to the opinion of the group we consider that love is universal and there are many types of love.
  16. It is a pity that the world is moved by money when it should be love that moves it. Understand that humanity is one and not many. If you give love, you receive love. Love should rule in all areas.
  17. Love is the alternative against pollution. Love fills us with energy. It is the dream freedom. Love is the serenity that leads us to meditation.
  18. We can love our partner, friends, family, animals, have self-esteem and we can even love places such as the beach, the mountains and nature.
  • Have you stopped to think why love is so important?
  • Do you think it is important to love yourself to love something or someone?
  • How many types of love do you think exist?
  • Do you think love is more powerful than money?
  1. LOOK AT THE OBSERVER From the moment we arrive in the world, love gives meaning to our lives. As is the reciprocity of love between mother and son. As we grow with social relationships we learn new ways of loving: like self-love, love for our friends and family. Later we will begin to begin to develop love for the unknown. For example, when a stranger returns a smile or a good morning. Ultimately love is everywhere.


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