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A relationship between two people in whom there is feeling is characterized by being very positive, without apparently finding reasons for it. It is one of those things that human language has not yet been able to define accurately, so it uses familiar words to try to get closer to that reality.


The most accurate definition in Castilian is that of chemistry, “Chemical attraction”. It is given or not, and usually has more weight than other characteristics, since they influence how the person in question sees you. If there is feeling, then there is that spark that turns something inert into something you want to work with.

Trying to force the feeling is a sure way to fail. There are people who have feelings from the first moment and there are cases in which it never happens. Having chemistry and power of attraction “feeling” is extremely exciting.


Man is generally oriented and motivated towards the achievement of his achievements, that is, “conquests”. The woman is more interested in the process towards achievement and especially in the personal relationships involved in it.


The last thing the man is looking for is someone else to talk to about his problems, unless he has determined that he needs the help of an expert. When a woman faces a problem, the first thing she looks for is someone to talk to. In general, men want to feel needed and admired, while women need to feel loved and cared for.


For the man it is important to woo and seduce the woman, for the woman it is important to feel valuable enough to deserve the effort of being pretended, this satisfies her need to be loved and desired.


According to the newspaper “El Comercio”, there are seven basic differences between men and women regarding love


1 The female brain indicates a study from the University of Pennsylvania: that it is programmed to respond better to verbal communication in an emotional moment, whereas, in a situation of high emotion, they prefer to focus on those sensations instead of talking about the themselves.


2 Women appreciate more than please them. If your boy adapts his interests or activities to please you, that’s a good sign. Instead they respect that you are not so accommodating. They are attracted to women who have their own interests.



3 Brain chemistry is not the same between men and women. Oxytonin is the hormone of pleasure for everyone but we do not get it in the same way. Males experience a discharge of the hormone when kissing, while in females the brain receives oxytocin when you hold your hand.


4 Arguing is not the same as fighting. Women tend to run away from conflict and be more conciliatory, while men experience a role of satisfaction when there are healthy differences.


5 new generations have different expectations. A study found that men in this century are more interested in behavior and attachment while women are looking for relationships that allow them to retain a greater degree of independence.


6 Intimacy means different things to them than to them. While for women talking face to face and sharing deep looks on romantic issues is an example of an intimate moment, for men intimacy involves doing something, doing an activity with their partner.


7 They make separation between married couples and single couples worse. The breakup is usually more stressful for men than for women. Science explains that a widowed woman is more likely to survive without a partner, while men who are widowed and do not get married quickly tend to die sooner. The explanation is that in the face of drama or breakup, women often turn to everyone for emotional support, while men close in on themselves.

Group opinion


When asked, are we different? One partner believes that there are differences between men and women and women are more complex and have more capacity for suffering.

Another colleague explains:

What men seek from women are: beauty, youth and to alleviate their shortcomings, and from the perspective of men what women seek from them is: security, intelligence and social status.


What women seek from men are: intelligence, affectivity, education and physicality, and from the perspective of women, what men seek from them is: physical, affectionate and maternal part.


A reflection that could be true is that when people reach a high degree of knowledge and maturity and know all the things that exist in all our areas of life, it is possible that the psychological and emotional differences between men and women disappear. , being the only one physical.


Open questions


  1. Why do they say that it is impossible for there to be a true friendship between men and women?
  2. Why is it so difficult to understand a friendship between two physically attractive people?
  3. Can you avoid feeling or compensate for the lack of it?
  4. Do you feel the feeling over the years? (Reasoning) Look of the observerA grandfather thinks about his son and his grandson as the way of finding the feeling has evolved. The grandfather found the feeling under the supervision of the elders. His son found him in the berbenas of the town and the dance venues, and finally his grandson finds him in the large bottle and on social networks.


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