What is the VoIP phone system and what is it for and how does it work?

Technology is a tool that undoubtedly constantly advances with each invention that is developed, each time we are more and more impressed. And that is one of the characteristics that most differentiates this science from the others, that its evolution is very fast .

In such a way that even services such as telephony are not left behind , but rather go hand in hand to improve. Previously, telephone calls required a wide network connection, but today there are some methods for them to be made over the internet such as VoIP.

What is VoIP?


VoIP are the initials of the English terms “Voice Over IP” which in its translation means “voice over IP” . It is a protocol with which voice transmission over the internet is possible . Doing much better service than telephone companies that still use old network systems.

This represents a real change, since failures in old analog services are much more frequent than in this new system. For example, it is normal for analogue systems networks to deteriorate through their use, and therefore inconveniences begin to arise from users.

But in the case of the VoIP protocol, you only need a direct connection to the internet , and due to the large number of computers that are capable of providing this factor today. It is not really considered a very difficult problem to solve.

What is VoIP for?

Basically this service not only satisfies the needs of which the old analog systems were in charge, but it is also capable of improving the voice emission to the point of offering better and more tools for users.

For example, previously local calls were very difficult to make due to the extensive and complicated network service that linked them. In other words, if the cable that connects the call network of a certain town is damaged, the users in that location will not be able to communicate.

Opposite case of VoIP technology, which only deserves the internet . Another good feature of this technology is there are some free telephone numbers , which are applied in countries that have organizations that use this protocol, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

How does VoIP technology work?


For this technology to work perfectly, the correct use and handling of the following elements is necessary . The client must issue the voice call which is subjected to a digitization process where only the microphone and speakers operate as physical objects.

The other element is the servers , they are in charge of all activities related to data management. That is, these are in charge of accounting, administration, collection, routing and control of the service in general.

There are also the so-called gateways (Gateways) , these are the system that allows connection with traditional telephony, as many people still use them. And finally there are the parameters, which are those required for the quality of the service to be good.

This technology shows that the technological development that science is demonstrating is not a joke, as many advances are being executed with a high degree of efficiency in the final result.

Therefore, it is not absurd to think that they will soon lead us to a new era that will mark a before and after on the lifestyle to which the human race is accustomed.

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