What are the best programs for drawing on Windows PC and MacOS?

There is no reason to stay on canvas or paper, now the digital world offers you a variety of options that will allow you to fully exploit your potential as a draftsman. With programs to draw on PC and manipulate your designs in ways that you could not on paper. The number of functions and accessories that digital drawing programs have will help you make the most of your talent.

It does not matter what style of drawing you are inclined to, 2D, 3D, vector. There are a variety of drawing programs available for Windows and MacOS. Here we tell you which are the best and some of the characteristics that can attract you to them; some give you the option of a free download, free trial , or paying for the license , but they are well worth it.

Only for Windows PC

Paint 3D, we all know this classic that comes installed on our computers. This is its improved version , you can not only make two-dimensional drawings, you can also make 3D creations. You can use its new plugins and functions , it is expected to replace the old Paint. You can share your creations with the community and download templates.

Fresh Paint, ideal if you want to live the experience as if you were using a canvas. This program allows you to exchange between a variety of brushes, pencils and pens , it will be the right one for you, if you already have experience in the field of drawing and painting; its interface will make you feel as if you were using an oil palette that you can mix as you wish to bring your drawings to life, available as a free download.

Artweaver. If drawing is your hobby and you are starting to edit and create drawings, this is the program for you. It gives you the opportunity to edit photos, you can also take advantage of the compatibility it has with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter , it offers you multiple tools, zoom, brushes, transparency and others; you can download for free, but you will enjoy fewer features.

Programs to draw with Windows PC and MacOS

GIMP. You will be able to edit images or your own creations , in a professional way, something very good for being a free and open license program. Its functions are much simpler compared to other professional programs but it is quite complete. You can rotate the canvas, vectorize your drawings and use different formats. If you want to take advantage of it, download the latest version .

Clip Studio Paint Pro, for all users of the bitten apple is an excellent option because you can download it to your Ipad , it is one of the most demanded in the market; It has basic and advanced functions, if you are a lover of digital illustration, design and comics, we are sure that you will enjoy this program, which is a fusion of others such as Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI.

Corel Painter, if you want to live the experience of painting digitally just like on the real canvas , this program offers you the functions for that, with a simple interface that but you will obtain satisfactory results; You can experiment with different types of brushes, oils, paper textures, you can retouch photos in an artistic way, with professional results.

ArtRage. You can draw from your MAC mobile devices. You can also expand the canvas for your designs to cover the entire screen. You can also create effects that are only possible in manual drawing and illustration; using different textures, brushes, watercolors. And if you don’t get any function you need, you can create it!

Inkscape, would you like to print your designs? It is one of the features that this program offers you. It’s easy to use, it has a modern interface, you can work with vectors (SVG), choose the text freely.

Krita, has a simple and modifiable interface , you will be able to work without feeling that the amount of tools overwhelm you; you can choose a variety of brushes, of different sizes to give a touch of realism to your drawings, download templates, create backgrounds; the download is free.

We have compiled some of the best programs for drawing on PC like Windows and MacOS. Although the opinions depend on the tastes. If you don’t have a computer, don’t limit yourself, you can learn by drawing from your devices . We hope it will help you decide which one to use to exploit your creativity and make your best drawings and illustrations.


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