What is the pack of essential programs for after formatting Windows?

If you want to format your computer, then you should read the following tutorial in which we will talk about What is the pack of essential programs for after formatting Windows?

What applications should you install after formatting?

After formatting a computer, it is best to install a set of applications that almost all users use . For this reason, in this article we have prepared a list with the most prominent types of applications that you should install after applying the format.

What is the pack of essential programs for after formatting Windows?

After formatting a computer, it is necessary to install a group of applications that must be integrated into our computer . There is much debate regarding this. Either way, we consider the following to be the most relevant applications after formatting Windows.

Office or other office software

It is convenient to have an office automation program on your computer, since at some point it will be very useful. Undoubtedly, the most recommended option is to install Microsoft Office on Windows, but if you cannot afford this program, we recommend the Open Office alternative.

Regardless of which option you choose, remember to install some of these programs in case you format your computer , since they are completely essential to carry out work both academically and professionally.

Install a File Compressor / Decompressor after formatting Windows

Many files are distributed directly in compression formats such as Zip or Rar. These compressed files require the use of programs designed to deal with them. In the same way, it will be necessary to have a program of these characteristics, for different functions of the equipment.

In this case there are several options, in any case we recommend the WinRar or 7Zip program because we consider them to be the best options that can be found.

Video player

Today it is increasingly common to consume multimedia content through movies or series. Although most solutions are seen through Streaming like Netflix or other similar platforms, it is worth having a good video player for certain circumstances.

We can think of two prospects, one of them that, although it does not receive any more updates, is still one of the best players and we refer to Media Player Classic. On the other hand, we recommend the free lifetime VLC player that you can download from the videolan website . This tool has excellent performance and multiple functions.


Windows’ default browser is not the most popular among users. Which is why it is important to know which browser is best to use on our PC. In this regard, it is best to install an alternative that may be more optimal in terms of performance.

In relation to Internet browsers, there are three great alternatives to the default option of Windows, we refer to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, each of them was an excellent alternative to install in the event that you are going to format a computer .

PDF reader

Files in PDF format are very common, they are one of the main ways to distribute manuals and various types of content. In the same way, it is well known that many companies use this type of format, so the most convenient thing is to have a PDF reader .

In relation to this, there are multiple options, in any case the most recommended are the Adobe PDF reader, also known as Adobe Acrobat Reader and on the other hand we also have the alternative, Foxit Reader. Both programs will do the job effectively.

An antivirus software is essential after formatting Windows

The latter, although it seems crazy to say it, is optional, why do we say this? Indeed, because Windows 10 already has an excellent antivirus program, we are referring to Windows Defender, an application that in most cases will protect us from all malicious software that may appear. You can even remove viruses manually without the need for a conventional antivirus.

In any case, if you want to use another antivirus program , we recommend alternatives such as Avast (which has a free option), Norton Antivirus or Kaspersky, options that are also very functional to protect our computer.


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