What is the Last Judgment?

The Last Judgment is the judgment day of all people, at the end of time. The dead will rise and God will judge the actions of each one. Whoever is condemned will go to hell but those saved by Jesus will go to Heaven.

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What will the Last Judgment look like?

The Bible says that the Last Judgment will take place at the end of time, after Jesus’ second coming. The Last Judgment is a court : God will be the judge and all people who ever existed will be judged. All will be resurrected for that judgment ( Daniel 12: 2 ).

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The actions of each person will be exposed and judged impartially by God ( Revelation 20: 12-13 ). Anyone who does not have their names written in the Book of Life will be condemned for their sins. They will be thrown into the lake of fire, along with the devil and his angels, where they will suffer eternal punishment ( Revelation 20:15 ).

The true followers of Jesus will have their names written in the Book of Life. They will escape judgment on Judgment Day and will live in Heaven with Jesus ( Matthew 25: 32-34 ). But those who only pretend to love Jesus will be revealed and condemned.

Is the Last Judgment unfair?

No, the Last Judgment is not unfair. A person can be very good, but if he commits a crime, he will be punished. Likewise, every sin deserves punishment . God is not happy to punish but He is just and perfect and does not tolerate sin. The punishment for sin is to be eternally separated from God ( Romans 3:23 ).

Whoever rejects Jesus as their savior does not want to be with God. Everything good comes from God, so an eternity without God is eternal suffering.

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But God gave us a way to escape at the Last Judgment, receiving forgiveness. On the cross Jesus took our punishment. Now anyone who repents of their sins and accepts Jesus’ sacrifice can stay with God forever ( John 3: 17-19 ).

And who has never heard of Jesus?

The Bible is not clear about what will happen to those who have never heard of Jesus at the Last Judgment. But Romans 2: 14-15 seems to suggest that anyone who has never had the opportunity to know Jesus will be judged by his conscience. We don’t know how God is going to judge these people but we can trust Him to be just.

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