What is the dragon of Revelation?

The dragon of Revelation is the devil. He is represented as a dragon for being powerful and very dangerous. All other evil creatures in Revelation obey the dragon.

In Revelation, the dragon is the main enemy of God’s people. He fights against the faithful, tries to destroy the work of God and wants to be worshiped by the world. He empowers the beasts and demons that deceive and dominate the world.

The woman and the dragon

Revelation 12 presents the dragon, who is chasing a woman ( Revelation 12: 3-4 ). This woman is adorned with the sun, the moon and a crown of 12 stars and is pregnant. It represents the people of God. The dragon wants to kill the woman’s son. When the child is born, he is taken to Heaven, to receive all power. The son represents Jesus.

The dragon continues to chase the woman, to destroy her, but God protects her from all the dragon’s attacks. There is a great war in Heaven, between the forces of the dragon and the angels of God ( Revelation 12: 7-9 ). The dragon loses and is thrown to the ground, where it continues to persecute all who are faithful to God, because it knows that its time is numbered ( Revelation 12:17 ).

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The fate of the dragon

The dragon powers two beasts, one that comes out of the sea and one that comes out of the land ( Revelation 13: 2 ). These beasts rule the world and receive worship from many people in the world. God’s followers are persecuted and the dragon gathers people from all over the world to fight against God .

In the great battle, Christ comes and defeats all the dragon’s forces. The dragon is imprisoned for a thousand years, then is released and strikes again ( Revelation 20: 1-3 ). But this time, the dragon is thrown into the lake of fire , where it will stay for eternity. That will be the end of the dragon, the devil. The victory will be God’s.

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What does the dragon of Revelation teach us about the devil?

The dragon of Revelation shows us that the devil is very powerful but is not more powerful than Jesus . He wants to be worshiped as a god but, in fact, he cannot overcome God.

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A dragon is a scary thing that causes fear. But those who have Jesus need not be afraid. We can resist the devil, because Jesus is stronger. Those who resist the devil will receive a great reward in eternity! – Revelation 12: 10-11


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