Lost Judgment: How to Beat Kuwana (Spoilers)

Throughout Lost Judgment, a handyman named Kuwana plays an important role in the story. While he could technically be an antagonist, he is also someone who interacts and works with Yagami in quite useful ways. Despite this, you will still have to fight him multiple times, even in the final. Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat Kuwana in the latest chapter of Lost Judgment .

Spoiler Warning: If it wasn’t clear from the title, this guide will include endgame spoilers. If you haven’t made it this far and you don’t want it to break down, stop reading now.

How to defeat Kuwana in the latest chapter of Lost Judgment

After defeating Soma, you will have to fight Kuwana once more. Like Soma, he is in good health, about six in total. The tricky part of this fight is that he fights like Yagami, dodging, blocking, and using flashy moves.

The good thing about this fight is that there are weapons to use. If you’re fighting, just build your EX meter with the Snake style and dodge his attacks. Once built, spam with finisher and weapon finisher.

Once his health almost reaches the end of purple, you will change terrain in a cutscene. Bring his health to an orange point and a QTE will end the fight.

This is all you need for how to beat Kuwana in the latest chapter of Lost Judgment . If you’re still looking for more information on the game, be sure to check out all the other tips, tricks, and details related to a variety of useful topics by searching the Game Guide Wiki.

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