What is the essence of beauty

Recently there was news of a girl studying in IIT committing suicide. Because she was fat. She was so embarrassed by her fatness that she went into depression. Even his topping in his exams could not get him out of this misery. That is, his intellectual ability was lost by physical attraction. Actually, the era in which we are living today is such a scientific and industrial era, where materialism is at its peak. In this era, artificial production of everything is being done. This is the period in which man has invented a new world beyond the created world of God. Virtual world. Not only this, Rather artificial intelligence i.e. Artificial Intelligence has also registered its revolutionary influx in this era. How could beauty remain untouched in such times. That’s why beauty is no longer a natural quality. It has become the result of the marketism of crores of cosmetic industry. Cosmetics and cosmetic surgery have captured the natural world of beauty. Today, the woman is being told that beauty is not what she has. There are new standards of beauty today. The woman who does not live up to them, is not beautiful. As a result, today’s woman is torturing many times, from being hungry with her body to living up to the standards of beauty set by this male dominated society, It is not hidden from anyone. The biggest irony is that in order to look beautiful, women go to those beauty parlors whose women have no connection with these standards of beauty or beauty.

Actually, we have forgotten today that beauty is the quality of the heart, not the face. Beauty is not what is seen in the mirror, rather it is what is felt. We have forgotten that the entire creation is the signature of God and this life along with this body is our precious gift given to us by that God. But today, in the desire of perfection in beauty, a woman has forgotten that there is a beauty in incompleteness and disorder. She has forgotten that everything made by God is beautiful. The beauty of the bud is not less than the flower and the beauty of the garden is not greater than the forest. Sunrise has its beauty, sunset has its own. The mountains have their beauty, then the rivers and the sea have their own. If the peacock attracts us then the cuckoo too. In fact, beauty is there in everything of nature. But unfortunately not everyone is able to see.

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the day a woman will see herself with her eyes and not the world, her definition of beauty will also change on that day. She will understand that beautiful is every work created by God. But when the parameters of beauty of an object are fixed or technically talked about beauty, it means its geometric form. It is measured by the size of its organs or by its color, its physical appearance. A woman has to understand that in the web of such standards, a woman who seeks the beauty of her body, When she herself will not be able to see her existence beyond the body, then how will this male dominated society be able to see. Therefore, first of all, a woman must free herself from these criteria. In this era, when there is an influx of advertisements of cream of white men, then they have to feel proud of their dark complexion. In this era when men are competing to display their biceps, triceps and abs, they have to groom their personality. She is what she is You have to be proud of yourself. He has to remind himself that this is the country where if there are Gauri then there are Mahakali. Both are venerable. This is a country where women are not just women. He is the center of power. She is the goddess of power. Goddess of wealth. Goddess of knowledge. Annapurna. Is the creator. He is the symbol of tenderness, and the endurance of endurance as a birthmother. This is a country where beauty is not a physical quality but a spiritual experience. This is the country where the definition of beauty is ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. That is, the truth is Shiva and it is beautiful. What is the truth, this body, but the body is mortal! Yes, Truth is the soul that resides in this body. If she is beautiful then this beauty is true. Therefore, in our culture, inner qualities have been given more importance than external qualities. This is the reason why the beauty of mind over body is given importance in the scriptures. Therefore, the day a woman recognizes herself, she will create her new definition of beauty by rejecting the existing standards of beauty.

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