True beauty of man. What is true beauty

Everything must be right in a person: face, clothes, soul and thoughts.
If Chekhav conceived the concept of “true beauty”, it means that there is an imaginary, false one away from the truth. Is this the same thing we understand when we say: “What a beautiful girl!” And “What a handsome man!”
Helen and Natasha first came to mind when thinking about a person’s true beauty, as Andrei Bolkonski saw them at the ball. “Her Natasha’s] bare neck and arms were thinner and ugly than Helen’s shoulders.” But in anything did the prince see the superiority of this “frightened and happy girl”? How she blossomed to meet him with a sincere smile, as “her face shone with joy” during the dance. The young prince looked at Natasha’s true beauty: she was in every movement of her, some kind of inner light beautifying her slender shoulders and thin arms, yet she was an “indecisive chest”.
It seems to me that the words of Chekhav, known to everyone and everyone, should not be taken literally. I think the author wanted to express the idea of ​​beauty as a sort of harmony. Good impulses, clever and wonderful thoughts of the soul can make a person externally beautiful, but an external soul will not hide an evil spirit and evil thoughts.
The true beauty of a person is in his actions and deeds, in his relationships with the outside world. A cultured, intelligent person is always beautiful, because he is rich in spirit. After all, how many times in life have we encountered such an assessment of people that is new to us: “He looked very ugly to me, but as soon as he spoke, that impression was immediately dispelled.” And vice versa: “She is very beautiful, but it would be better if she was silent.” its true,
I want to tell you about a very beautiful, really beautiful man. This is my favorite poet, actor and singer
V. Vayatsky. Not Beautiful, But Always Beautiful: Both in the role of Captain Zeglov, and when he rips his voice and heart on stage in the role of Hamlet, and when he sings his own songs, each of which is unique. Vysotsky is a world of complete beauty. In his poetry, in his play – not a shadow of pretense and lies, it is such a world of honesty and clarity that it is not difficult to praise. And he generously introduced this world to the audience and audience.
We are now free to purchase any record or disc with recording of his songs, any collection of poetic poetry. And during his lifetime, it is ridiculous to say that, many of his songs from the movies were published, two poems in the magazine “Chemistry and Life” (!) And the almanac “Day of Poetry”. But there were millions of kilometers of magnetic tapes that were heard in every house from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka. These are recordings of “left” and “half-zero” concerts, performances in institutions, before submarines, before athletes, before gold-tinkers, etc., etc. Such popularity, such an honest and popular love for the poet, is not the modern history of our former common motherland. I knew it.
His soul and talent appreciated each of his films, where he acted. He was a famous actor in the most innovative theater of the time – the famous Tagaka. He wrote more than six hundred poems, most of which came to us in the form of songs. Not for long, with a normal face, she became unusually beautiful when she sang about love: let the
wind cherry birds dry in the air, let the
leelas rain.
Anyway, I’ll take you from here to the
palace where the flute is played.
His face lit up with courage and a heroic impulse when he sang that “the penal battalions are crumbling”. It sparked with good humor when he talked about the drummer of labor, who “ended up forging” and “went on a business trip from the factory”, or about the athlete who “drew ten thousand like five thousand” “. And bake! “Speaking in his songs about the negative events of the time, the poet did not feel depressed, he did cartoons and laughed. The audience laughed.
V. Vysotsky is an essentially unusual phenomenon of our culture, it symbolizes true beauty. She sheds light on the poet’s face, his clothes, thoughts and actions, which illuminate the light of beauty all around.

We often hear about human beauty. One believes \ u200b \ u200b that it is only external, but many people know that it can be expressed in a person’s inner world. What exactly is “beauty”? Can anyone give him a definition? Not everyone can answer what real beauty is. Many schoolchildren write an essay on the subject, the adult generation discusses it, poets write poetry about it, and artists broadcast it in their paintings. Therefore, it is worth exploring what beauty is.

What is beauty

We all see how beautiful nature is. A raging sunset, replaced by a gloomy sky, makes everyone who sees the event applaud. The sun, which knocks on the window in the morning, will not leave a single connoisseur of true beauty indifferent. But can it be said that this can be understood not only in nature, but also in humans? Many will answer that it is possible, and this answer will be correct.

An essay on the subject of “human beauty”. What is it?

You can often hear: “How beautiful she is!” When a person uses this phrase, first of all, he thinks of external beauty. It can be expressed in beautiful, etc. in perfect and beautiful clothes. In this case, we mean a person’s outer covering. But what is the real beauty of man? First of all, it is peace and presence. If a person is beautiful and well dressed, but has been treated poorly, he can hardly be called beautiful. Surat is just a shell under which a person with an “ugly soul” can hide.

Man’s inner beauty

What is inner beauty? An essay on this subject can be written to anyone who knows that it is not just in attendance. Inner beauty lies in man’s all-round development, his self-expression, sensitivity and kindness. If he is concerned, seeing homeless animals, children who have grown up without parents, sympathizing with people with disabilities, can be sincerely joyful, have friends and love for someone, we can safely Can say that this person has inner beauty.

It is pleasant to communicate with a person who is brought up well, knows how to respect other people, knows how to behave, and supports any conversation. This is the inner beauty. The concept includes spiritual content, harmony with the outside world, as well as the self.

A person who is angry, cruel, greedy, and hypocritical with everyone around him cannot be called beautiful. Even though she is very beautiful in appearance, she is not like that inside. You can never judge a person by its outer shell, which is often deceiving, because even \ u200b \ u200b that an ugly person can have a rich inner world, a sensitive soul, and a good heart.

What is beauty An essay on this subject can help many people realize the truth, which is closed and unknown to many people. Beauty is something that involves the harmony of the outer and inner worlds.

What is the beauty of people

What is the beauty of man? Everyone can write an essay on the subject, but everyone carries their meaning in this concept. One believes \ u200b \ u200b that beauty is expressed only in appearance, others suggest that the ability to think and speak correctly is the most beautiful thing in a person. No concept can be called wrong. For each person, beauty can be different. However, the truth is in harmony with itself.

“What is beauty?” The harmony of external and internal beauty

Each in its own way will answer the question of what beauty is. An essay on the subject may begin with the author’s words that the concept is personal. The main thing is that one praises beauty. It attracts itself, moves itself and into energy, like a magnet, beacon. It can be external and internal, but a person’s true beauty lies in the harmony of these two components.

A handsome man dressed neatly and thinks purely. He has confidence and dignity. A beautiful man smiles honestly and is never insidious. He harmonizes with his inner world and outer beauty.

Composition argument “What is beauty?” Can help a person understand how a beautiful person should look and think. Let us not forget that he must be clever. If a person is smart, he can be beautiful both inside and outside.

Human culture also expresses its beauty. It can be expressed in manner of interaction, behavior etc. If a person is rudely dressed, misbehaved, and dishonest, it shows that he does not harmonize with himself and the world around him, which does not make him. beautiful.

Undoubtedly, a person becomes beautiful throughout his life. He learns something new, learns to control his emotions, behaves in society, talks, thinks and just survives. If a person has a desire to learn something new and positive, he will definitely get better both outside and inside.

Composition argument “What is beauty?” A new life can serve as a beginning for a person in whom he can achieve harmony with himself.

Weirdly enough, but beauty in itself must be developed and nurtured. A person must know himself and the world around him in order to improve himself and others. If he is spiritually beautiful, he can definitely bring beauty to his home and society.

Beauty will save the world

Beauty can be different, everyone sees it in different ways. One can also see it in the starry sky, while others do not pay attention to it, because they see it every day, and they do not find beauty in it. “What is beauty?” Written by various people. But this concept is unchanged in itself. Beauty is a beautiful thing that is a flow of emotions and positive energy. She praises people and strives for them.

And it is beautiful, harmony with the inner and surrounding world! Therefore, each person should strive to be beautiful externally and internally.

It is interesting that why the beauty of man is so praised on the pages of literary works, in the visual arts? What is true beauty, what is its role? What pleases our eyes, and what pleases the soul?

To understand what beauty is in our contemporaries’ understanding, we did a small survey. She asked schoolchildren (4th and 5th grade pupils of dialogue school in Magnitogorsk in the survey and 3rd and 7th grade students of Yekaterinburg) to make a statement about beauty in descending order of their importance.

. Clean and hairstyle
. A smile
. Cleanliness and Cleanliness
. Look kind
. Correct posture
. Anugraha (beauty of movements)
. Harmonious body shape
. Pretty face
. Health
. Fashion clothes
. Interior lighting
. Charm
. Clothes that suit you
. Makeup

So what decorates a person in the first place? Here the opinion of our readers was divided. One group – 60% of the respondents mentioned a smile, inner light, kind form, charm – in a word, the qualities that make up a person’s inner beauty, the beauty of his soul. The second group, which makes up 40%, believes \ u200b \ u200b that, first, a person is made more beautiful by his or her face, clothes and hairstyle.

In another, there was no less honorable place, people kept health, hygiene and dullness, harmonious body shape and grace. In the final place, almost unanimously, people applied makeup.

And what do you think makes a person beautiful? Perhaps today a person’s presence is more important to you, and tomorrow you will see his beautiful inner qualities, the beauty of his soul. Inner beauty is not just a light emanating from a person, it is a tremendous force that transforms itself.

Inner beauty, the beauty of a person’s soul is love, kindness, accountability, honesty, credibility, intellectualism, and good reproduction.

Unqualified by suffering, pretense, fear, anger, the light of the soul of a person is capable of turning people around for the better. The quiet, comfortable, discontent and claims always disappear from themselves next to such a person.

All living things react to the light emitted by the soul. A person who has an inner light, a light of a soul, becomes a magnet attracting people, animals.

A beautiful, harmonious presence is not always a gift received at birth, it is also work on oneself. Which, if not on you, depends on the cleanliness, health and appearance of your body and good fertility.

What to do to become more beautiful? We asked this question to reporters from the magazine “Firebird”. And here are the answers:

“To Love People.”   A truly beautiful person is one who carries love, warmth and kindness in his heart. The opposite qualities – anger, hatred – appear on the face and can dissolve any, even \ u200b \ u200b that most beautiful appearance. Happiness, love, kindness – that’s what really makes a person beautiful. The glow of love, the glow of happiness illuminates a person from within. The beauty of the soul warms others.

“be creative.”   Spiritualizes creativity, reveals the beauty of soul. Each of us has a certain talent. Someone sings or dances well, someone creates amazing products from improvised material, someone draws. Since we are all creators and reflectors of God, each one of us is a creator in some way or the other. When we create beauty, we ourselves are filled with it.

“Be neat and tidy.”   It gives confidence.

“go Sport.”   Yes! Physical exercises create a beautiful harmonious body, correct posture, affect the beauty of movement.

“Eat healthy food.”   Healthy food gives health, which means beauty, strength, fills with energy.

“Dress with Style.”   Clothes should be on the face, emphasizing dignity. It is necessary to monitor the hygiene and accuracy of the fabric, this is much more important than the pursuit of fashion.

“be positive.”   A smile, a good nature make anyone attractive. And it happens, you see that person’s face and clearly disregard for other people, see jealousy, maliciousness and jealousy all over the world. No matter how much he puts on a hypocritical mask and no matter how beautifully fashionable the dress he wears, the darkness and heaviness of his spirits disrupt the beauty of luxurious clothing. Therefore, often think of the good and drive yourself negative thoughts.

These are the intelligent answers received from the people who make this magazine for you guys.

External beauty can be deceiving, and inner beauty, the beauty of the human soul – true, real. To feel, to see the inner beauty of the people around them. And know the beauty of your soul – fill it with the world around you, and it will become a little, but kinder and more beautiful.

Created by Nadezhda Danilova

Famous people thoughts about beauty

“There is a limit to the beauty of the flesh; Spiritual beauty is infinite. ”

William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright

“No external attraction can be fulfilled if not enamored with inner beauty. The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light on physical beauty. ”

Victor Hugo, French writer, poet, prose writer and playwright.

“Friendship and kindness not only make a person physically healthy, but also beautiful.”

Dmitry Likchev, Soviet and Russian philosopher, cultural expert, art critic, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences

“The beauty of the soul also charms a simple-looking body, such that the ugliness of the soul makes a special impression on the most magnificent joint and on the most beautiful members of the body, which incites unspeakable hatred in us”

Gothold Lessing, German poet, playwright

“If you want to be beautiful, work hard till self-immolation, work so that you feel like a creator, master, master in your favorite occupation. Work so that your eyes express spirituality with great joy – the joy of creativity ”

Vasily Sukhomlinski, Soviet teacher, writer, preacher, creator of folk teaching.

Beauty is a power that includes that which attracts, causes praise, a positive evaluation from outside. At first glance, the combination of the words “true human beauty” is unclear. The general perception of appearance, a person, may deserve a similar characteristic. However, there is nothing more valuable than the wealth of the inner world, which has the best human qualities.

A man himself can be perfect only when external attraction is a reflection of his inner perfection. And this, in turn, is based on a combination of certain qualities, not played, but out of the heart. They have compassion and compassion, the ability to lend a helping hand to the needy, to see their shortcomings and to fix them without harming others, the mind.

Thus, education as well as a well-behaved person should share the most valuable experience – love – with those around them.

It has long been proven that by deeds, and not by appearance. In this case, the well-deserved characterization of a wise man is an invaluable and unqualified component in the discussion on the subject “the true beauty of man”.

An important task in considering this concept also becomes a daily spiritual work, because without a high cultural level, without any desire for self-development and self-education in any field, a person can change the beauty and harmony of his inner world. Not able to receive.

The most important example in literature is one of the heroes of the famous fairy tale “The Scarlet Flower”. Since childhood, the child has an understanding of the beauty of the soul. Throughout the work, the reader observes a clear discrepancy between the demon’s presence and kindness. Nevertheless, it is not possible to doubt that he is a positive hero, capable of love, can show accountability, kindness.

Thus, to get such a specialty, a person has to prove his life with his actions, thoughts. He must infect others with the love of his life, the desire to change the world, for example so that spiritual beauty does not fade over time, but multiply.

Argument on the real beauty of man

I think: it’s not really someone who has been outwardly successful who is really beautiful, but one who has a good, honest heart between the apathy and hypocrisy of this world, because it’s on people who All rest humanity, because they are strong in spirit.

Do not judge a book by its cover, as the famous Russian proverb says. The same principle works with people. Spirit rot cannot be disguised under an attractive appearance. It is worth considering what to expect from an enthusiastic, greedy person, but at the same time with a pleasant appearance? Are relationships built with “shell”? The form, shape is a matter of profit, but not everyone has spiritual beauty. It is more pleasant to communicate with people whose hearts are really burning, and most importantly, after the communication has a pleasant aftertaste, you get better yourself. They enrich your inner world. Beauty is a compliment, it attracts itself. But do not forget that, having external beauty, a person must maintain the inner, then he will not have a price.

I have a friend, all the best. Yes, he is perfect in appearance, but he is a great friend with a wide and kind soul. Before this, I did not attach any special importance to our friendship, because I did not really understand the beautiful human qualities, which were evident in looks, for which I feel ashamed now. There was a turning point in my life, as a result of which I became very ill. And where did all those beauties and beauties call my friends? Gone, left alone. This was when the real face of my environment was revealed. This was the younger man who was nearby at the time, supported, and became my best friend, whom I appreciate and value our friendly relationship with.

Thus, in conclusion, we can say that it is not always hidden under a beautiful shell which is an equally pleasant soul. We must learn to look far below where a real person is hiding, which will be the main one. Do not carp on the outside, if you do not know what is inside. Think about whether presence will be a determining factor in a person’s characterization?


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